Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Happy Bday to u
Happy Bday to u
Happy Bday to dear CC (excuse me...Candid Confessions.. not call center..:P)
Happy Bday to u

Ehm Ehm now its my chance to say a few words about CC....Yup CC has turned 1 yr old ..(forget about the date..) and I m so proud of her..:)
I remember the time when I had no clue what blogging was all about .My dearest brother S and one of my family friends K..would go on and on about writing a new post and I would be like
" Helloooo what is blog spot..what do u do over thr..You just write wtever happens ??...isnt that weird ..what if people read it..blah blah and more blah"....Got many explanations ...( you know the type of explanations u can get from a blogger boy and his friend ..;))

In Aug I thought I should also give it a try ..I mean come should try out different things in life I wrote my first post..

Peep Into My LIfe
When I read this heart bleeds from within..sob ..sucha saaaad story..but that time was totally different.My job was like an unhappy marriage..and I was desperately seeking for a divorce.The mere look at my HUSBAND's face would increase my frustration level and on the top of it my MOTHER-IN-LAW (Boss..:P) was pathetic. (Bigggggg Boooooo to her)
But then things started changing. I began to notice things and do things that made me short I tried to make things work in this terrible marriage. I would spend time thinking on what I would write next instead of cribbing. the a a park or my bank I would wait for weird people to do something strange ..something funny ,so that I could write about them and feel immense pleasure..CC gave me a reason to live and to enjoy..:)
UNBOUNDED STUPIDITY and FRUSTRATION UNLIMITED were two such real incidents .

Then atlast I got a divorce from my marriage and it was bye bye to mom-in-law...:). The new office was cool ..(TouchWood). The rest of the posts were written with the new office in mind.

is one of my favorite posts. I felt so stupid after the incident . But seriously those 5 days when I had spoken to this person X (on Intranet of my office) where the best days of my life...X rotated my life by 360 deg and then back to 0 deg.But cheers to X !!..we hav been gr8 friends..:)

Then came the phase when I wrote my first love story SWEET OGRE
Faced criticism like anything from those who know me..70% people were shocked..I don't know why..I guess because they thought I could never write such a thing..and secondly because 100 % people thought it was my story..(Huh !! )...but I thought what the hell..this was one such place where I could write wt ever i wanted..and nobody can dictate terms here..its my world..!! (and there was seriously nothing in wont believe it, but I had to put a PS in that post..which was initially not there..!!)

Then there were my flashback wala posts like
and some other incidents LAGA KI CHAAY PE BULAYA HAI
It has been a gr8 journey...cheers to CC
Ohh my speech is over.. yeah plz help your self,can have a bite from that cake..:) ( and keep some for me tooo...:P )


Kokonad said...

Cool post. A rather nice and nostalgic chronicle! :)

And what's with you and missing out alphabets? :O


(I am sorry, I have OCD :D )

Arz000n said...

Appppyyyy B'day Cofession bloggie :D

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...



Its great to blog...!! they make a difference to our it in our outlook or venting out emotions..whatever it is great!! :D


Dimple said...

@kokonad: oo thanks yaar..had not noticed that..aap nahi hote toh kya hota..:P

@arz000n: Heyyyy Z000nie so gud to c u after sucha loong time..gr8 gift on CC'c bday..:)))

@Nabila:Thanksss Nabila..CC will b happy ...:))

Megha said...

Happy Bday To CC from me too..have been reading all these posts from the very beginning..yup long way yaar..:)

Manish said...

happy belated b'day..CC

at least increase your writing frequency to once a week in the new yr )

Vandana said...

Happy B'day CC !

Hey Dimple...
U doing just great..
Long way to go gal... :)

Ajith said...

A belated blog b'day wishes :)..I read through those cupid story links ..Was a good reading :)

Dimple said...

@megha:Thanks meghs :))

@manish: Hahah..yeah will try

@Vandana:Thanks vadana :)

@ajith: Yeah that is one of my fav posts..thanks for reading that..:)

Sonit said...

wish karu ya nai???thik hai...karunga....Happy B'day CC....its fun reading these dekho...last month chocolate dene ka promise kiya tha ...nai diya...iss baar B'day hai ...cake to pakka nai milega....

Dimple said...

@sonit : jee thanku..aapko wo wala gift nahi mila toh kya hua..yahan cake ka piece hi khaalo..:)

Sonit said...

KAUNSA CAKE KA PIECE???i dint get nethn... :-(

Dimple said...

@ sonit: arre uper dekho kitna tasty cake hai ..isi ki baat kar rahi hoon..khalo khalo jitna man chahe..;)

Sonit said...

chal chal...woh to sirf foto hai....cake kaha hai???

Dimple said...

@sonit:abbe pet hai ki kya hai..kitna khayega..?..:P

the do- dreamer said...

hey! a belated b'day to CC, bt i'm a new acquaintance!!...and yeah..twas a nice idea to put in links 4 previous posts, i went through a lot of dem, & likd dem immensely. especially dat sweet ogre one, i cud identify wid u there completely!! there's been so many times wid me, small things by a person really put me off! like dis time there was this guy i kinda liked, & i caught him swearing, & that was it!!
newayz, yeah thynx 4 likin my poem!!