Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Frustrated Mind

What happens when 2 frustrated minds meet each other?? Result -------> This blog

Holiday is usually a treat for lazy girls like me, but this Sunday.. I was feeling soooo restless...When I say restless..it usually means..talking a lot..jumping from one place to another...beating up people..or day dreaming about things like magic carpet,ring or anything that can make me feel different or one up from others. During my childhood days I wanted to have a invisible cloak..so that I could go to the place where the exam papers were being corrected or set..so that I could either give my self full marks..or leak out the papers from there...:)
And not to forget my magic ring.. to find whether the classmate whom I liked, had any hidden feelings for me in return ..:P

That Sunday as I was all alone at my place..with nobody to talk to...no scraps on orkut to check..and nobody to beat or do masti with...day dreaming was the only TP thing that I could do successfully.
Entry of my cousin..

Me :" Tell me one thing ...you are a Engineer right?"

He looked at me suspiciously : " Yup...but hold on..I am a Electronic Engineer....so I cannot repair any software fault in your computer...you see that is out of portion..we are not taught that yaar"

" Oh I see...what are you taught in college"
" Sis we are taught..anything and everything that is not useful in practical world..;) ..that is a harsh reality...Phewwww...sob sob"

" Heheheh.....ok ok..no I was going to ask you something else..yaar being a Engineer...tell me one thing..can you make something for me...that can be useful for me"

" As in ??"

" As in... something yaar..something different....may be a wing or something "

" Wing???..which wing....wing for this building??....naah that comes under civil Engineering"

" No stupid...wing ..human wings....so that one can fly"

" Fly?????..Where do you want to fly?"

Me : " I mean just think yaar...removable wings..When I have to go to office..I will go to the terrace ..slowly see if nobody is watching me... will attach those wings..and start flying...go to office...land on the terrace....remove the wings..keep it in my bag...then everybody will say..'Hey when did you come??..didn't see you coming !!! '...and then I will have this hidden smile on my face..hehehhe...you ..you got it..?? "

He was looking at me with disbelief...as if I had committed a sin in front of him..as if I was a psycho or something..
Cousin to me..clearing his throat: " Ehm...Ehm..Oh...I see..... "

Now I was quite embarrassed...'coz these are thoughts ..thoughts that usually you do not speak in public. I mean we all ( I think so)..get these thoughts..but we keep them in mind..we never speak them aloud . I was sure he was a bit worried now about me...and was ready to hear his comment about ..' DIMPLE GO AND SEE A DOC'

I said " Yes...go on"
" No I was just thinking yaar....you often get these thoughts kya??"
" Ya..I mean...just like that yaar..for passing my time..."..I said defending myself..before he would suggest any doctors name.

" Ok..but then don't you think something is wrong in this"
" Wrong?? "..I gulped down a big saliva..and nearly choked myself..

He gave me a very serious look.." Ya I mean suppose you have got wings to fly...then there is a danger of Eagles and other big birds yaar..what if they damage my Human wing..It can be very dangerous..." Suddenly his tone turned accusing.." What if you fall down..and people see you??...Madam..nothing will happen to you because of the automatic parachute. But all intelligence agencies will come to know about this great invention..and about the brains behind this successful creation...I can be in danger...no yaar I will not give it to you...too risky...I will think of some other plan.."..saying this he left my room..

Aaiiiinnn????!!!!! ...ok"

Blank look on my face....followed by a biiiiiiiiiiiiig smile...I am not alone....my dearest cousin by my side...as we both fly and conquer the world..:)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Atlaaaast I am 24 !!!!....:)))

Yup turned 24 ..and am sooooooo happy ...Just think about it...24 yrs of my life are over and many more still to come...woahhh gr8888888....:)))..Cheers to that..:))

Though nothing much has changed in my life..I still miss the way I used to celebrate my birthday...new dress to school.. chocolates for friends and teachers...cutting cakes, waffers , gulab jamun...yum yum. I used to personally go to each friend's place and invite them for my evening Birthday party and would janbujke include this line " Gifts Not allowed haan plzzzz"...which would be like a reminder to foolish friends that there exists a tradition of giving gifts...and which also meant that plzzzzz buy me a beautiful gift...I would wait eagerly for my evening party..mainly accepting gifts from everyone...once that was done..waiting fo every1 to go ...so that I could see what was lying inside...actually while accepting the gift itself I would get a hint of what could be there inside...no no not because i was a gifted child and no also not because i had X-ray in my eyes..it was 'coz usually it would have Pencil Box, tiffin box..and sweet frnds wud buy biiiig games..(oh yes..and I would never forget to call those SWEET friends for my next bthday..)..

Ohhh btw everyone is invited for my birthday party and Plllzzzz Gifts not allowed..;P

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai- Part 2

Hmmm I know you will ask why Mujhe kuch kehna hai PART-2 ..when PART-1 was never written..Welll!!!!! part 1 was a Kareena Kapoor movie...and this title was suggested by one of my friends..so here goes MUJHE KUCH KEHNA HAI PART-2...
WARNING: Read it only if you are a fast reader or if you have ample amount of time
PLEAD: Plzzzzzzzz read it even if u do not belong to those two type..:P

It was a lovely September morning .Abhi was in the company bus on his way to work and as usual trying to catch up with sleep. A girl gets on the bus, comes to his seat "Good Morning!!!" . Abhi looks back at her through half closed eyes, replies "Good Night " and then proceeds to return to his half hour nap . Unfortunately, he is woken up by a punch in the arm.."Wake up, bozo!" She looks at him with a big smile on her face. "I'm not sitting next to you to listen to you snore."….Half-heartedly, Abhi opens his eyes and turns to her "What's up?"

Preeti was good-looking and slightly tomboyish. She was also his best buddy. "Come on" she says "Don't look so disappointed. You'd rather sleep than talk to me???"
" But I talk to you everyday, Preeti."
"But you also sleep everyday."
"It's not enough."
"So… you've had enough of talking to me, eh?"
You can never argue with a statement like that, so he gives up..smiles and says, "OK, sweetheart. What's on your mind?"
"I wanted to tell you what happened yesterday. Can you guess?"
"Hmmm lemme see..Anurag called you last night."
"Ohh my ghosh ..how did you know?"
"Oh, he asked me for your number yesterday."
"And you gave it to him?"
"What else could I do? And stop complaining. You've been drooling over him for weeks now. He must have thought he had a chance."
"You like putting me in these situations, don't you?" she says.
"No…. That's not true. I love putting you in these situations!"
That invites another punch in the arm.

Abhi and Preeti had known each other for a year now. They did tell each other about their joys and sorrows,victories and defeats. Abhi would tell her about all his crushes and she'd scold him for being silly. She'd drag him to classical music concerts and he would add them to the list of things she 'owed him' for.

It was 12:00 am and his phone was ringing. "Hello"
"Happy Birthday!" It was she.
"You're supposed to throw me a surprise party, sweetheart. Not just call to say Happy Birthday."
"Well then open your door, dumbo!"
So he does and finds her, cell-phone in hand, at his doorstep -- with what seems like half the population of his company. His roommates were supposed to be working late that night. Now he knew why...:)
That day he blew a lot of candles (seemed like much more than 25), cut his cake, gets painted with the cake's icing. If Preeti had had her way, she'd probably have preferred to use a paintbrush and a can of paint.
That day they chat for an hour after everyone has left.
"I think it's time I left," she said finally, trying to stifle a yawn. Abhi drops her home. As she is getting out of the car
"Hey, Preeti."
"Hey, don't get senti on me now!" she smiles and leaves..
Abhi sits there for some time, just thinking. Their conversations were
always like this - a little joking, a little teasing ..
But somehow, something had changed since the moment she had turned up at his door that night...It was special..very special ..and he wanted to do something special for her..he knew Preeti loved reading books..So finally he buys half-a-dozen omnibus collections of various authors.Slowly he starts spending a lot of time at her place .
“Hey let me take this novel home”
"I'm not as stupid as you, ape-man. I know you will lose them. Plus, you dog-ear your books. You're not doing that to these masterpieces. So if you want to read them, you read them here. And if you want to mark your place, use a bookmark."
"Need I remind you that it was me that bought you the books in the first place? "
"So? They're mine now."
"Well, then. I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time. Where exactly is my birthday gift?"
"It was in your tummy at one point of time. It's probably been washed into the sea by now."
"Remember the cake I baked you on your birthday?"
"You what? You can't bake cakes!" That was a mistake. She looked hurt.
"You baked me a cake????" ..She didn't say a word. She just shrugged.
Abhi was stunned. "But you never told me."
"You didn't ask." That was typical of her.
"It was fantastic! And you wasted most of the icing on me!"
"The cake was for you, dumbo."
"How long did it take you to make the whole thing?"
"Well, the chocolate cake took an hour and fifteen minutes, and so did the vanilla. Then cutting them up and putting them together took another 15 minutes. Each flavor of icing took 20 minutes for preparation. On oven it took another half and hour.. Cleaning up the mess took an hour."
She seldom claimed the credit for anything, but once she started
bragging, there was no stopping her. However, Abhi wasn't thinking about that right then.
"You spent over five hours on that cake?"
"I forgot to mention," she continued, "the hours I spent the week before that, practicing… Even the birds wouldn't touch the first three cakes!"
He couldn't help but ask. "Why?"
"Because the first one got burnt, the second one was only half cooked ,and in the third one, I forgot to add sugar."
It was just like her, to try to divert the conversation.
"I mean why did you spend so much time on baking me a cake?"
She looked at me like I'd asked her why the sun rises in the east.
"For your birthday, stupid. Of course, I also wanted to beat every gift you've ever got me. Try beating this one." She was grinning like she'd won the world championship.
As far as he was concerned, she had. He'd never spent a week making her anything. Getting her a gift normally involved taking her to the store, letting her choose and use his credit card. Suddenly, he felt cheap. "Thanks.." was the only thing he could say. "Thanks a lot..."
"Hey. Are you getting senti on me again?"
And this time he was…

He was still mulling over his feelings for Preeti the next day at work when his boss tells him that the company wants to send him to New York for a couple of years. Normally, this wouldn't have made much of a difference ..but right then, the first thought that comes to his mind is that he'd be away from Preeti for two whole years. He had had crushes before…lots of them…but this was different.
"Do you have any problem in going?" boss asks
"Not really..When do I have to leave?"
He had a month.

"Wow! New York ! Great! I've heard it's a fantastic city! "
Preeti was obviously very excited about his going. She didn't seem to share any disappointment on what he now saw as 'separation'.
They had known each other for a little over a year, and were very close, but beyond some mild flirting, the relationship had never got even close to romantic. That was, of course, until he found out she had spent a week baking a cake for him. It's funny how small things seem to make such a big difference.
"What happened?" she asks. "You don't seem very happy."
"Oh..it's just that it's so sudden, that's all. And you know I was never all that interested in going to America ."
"What an idiot. Go see the place. I've heard the women there are
amazingly beautiful." She had a sly smile on her face. He wanted to tell her, he didn't care if he laid his eyes on another woman again, if she wasn't with him... But he didn't.
He realized that he only had another month with her. She'd rejected every guy who'd asked her out ever since he had known her. He didn't want the same to happen with him, and he didn't want to make it awkward between them. He didn't want to risk that month. He wanted it to be the best time he had ever spent with her.
They ate out almost every night. She'd call him up almost everyday to tell him to add 'one more item' in his list.
And with every passing day, he was falling more deeply in love with her.

The month swept by quickly. The day Abhi was supposed to leave, he asks her to come with him to the airport. They reach the airport four hours early to beat the rush. He finishes the formalities and comes to sit with her.
"Hey, Champ. Why so glum?" asks Preeti
"I don't want to go,"
"I don't want you to go either."
"No, you don't understand." He could not hold it in any longer. "I can't
stand the thought of living without you by my side."
She stares at him.

"I love you a lot yaar..."

At this, a sound escapes her lips that sounds like a cross between a
sob and a laugh. "Well, dumbo, you've picked an absolutely fabulous time to tell me about it!"
A tear escapes her eyes.
"How long have you felt this way?" …she was crying and smiling at the same time..he didn't know what to make of it.
"From the day I found out you had baked me a cake."
She laughs. "That's all it took? Well, bozo, I guess a way to a man's heart is certainly through his stomach! Hold it. A month? You waited a month? You were the one who kept saying that if you really liked a girl you wouldn't waste a day in telling her!" ..She was smiling widely now…it looked funny, with her eyes all wet.
"Well, I was confused. How did I know.. how you'd react? In fact, I
still don't understand your reaction. I thought it would change things between us. You've rejected every guy who ever proposed to you!"
"That's because even I'm in love with you, you overgrown idiot!"
"What?" …Somehow, He had never expected her to say that. She was in love with him?
"How long have you been in love with me?"
"Ever since the day you offered to carry my suitcase for me."
"But that was the first day I met you!"
"I guess I was always a sucker for chivalry."
"All this time you've been in love with me and you never said anything! Then you go and complain that I waited a month!"
"You guys are so bad at reading a girl's mind."
"You women are so good at keeping your thoughts a secret! Even Einstein couldn't figure you out."
"Einstein was a nerd."
"Hahahhah…but seriously…I really don't want to go." He had always maintained that love was a bucketful of emotions. He wasn't exactly delighted to be proved right.
"Don't worry. I'm coming there in a couple of months."
She laughed. " Welllll…!!!!....I've got a project in New Jersey ."
" What? When did that happen? You never even told me!"
"Well, I wasn't sure you'd propose before you left. And I couldn't
exactly sacrifice you to those New York women, could I? I had to watch out for myself. So I went on a project-hunting spree. There is an opportunity coming up for a project in about two months. Someone is coming back to India , so I'll be taking his place. They want me there for a little less than two years." She was beaming. "I realized I had struck gold!"
”But How come you didn't lay a trap for me a year ago?"
"I tried giving you hints, dumbo, but you just wouldn't pay attention!" She was laughing. " You're the only guy I ever spent any time with…Wasn't that a big enough hint?"
"Oooops…yeah….ok…What if I had rejected you?" ..now extremely flattered that she'd been crazy about him for a year...his ego swelling..
"Rejected me…You must be kidding!" she was clearly amused. "I get proposed to every few days. You are the one who's been rejected more times in the last year than I can count on two pairs of hands!"
She really knew how to burst his bubble.
"Hey," she said softly, "don't look so dejected. I said 'Yes', didn't
"Yes, you did. And you've made me a very happy man. But you know what would make me even happier?"
"If you learn to cook as good as you bake cakes."
A punch in the arm again…
Happy Ending…:)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Do you know ..there is this serial killer who kills every second woman whom he finds alone... !!" Me: "Kya baat kar rahi hai !!!! .." " Yeah..he is a woman hater..'coz his Girlfriend dumped him some years ago...dont know how can anyone do something like this..what an after effect...they say it is psychological...bah...psychology...hhahahhaa....this is all bullshit...hahahha..ohh man now where did I keep my Gulab jamun..gimme a min..let me just find that out..hahaha "

I kept quiet...After effect..psychology ..hmmmm...I remembered the time when I had lost something so dear..so special...I saw it going away..the pain that I had felt...the tears that I had hidden from this dushman zamaana ..sob sob..How had I felt..baaaaadddddd...very baddd .

It started this way .. I had gone to one of my relatives house..( I was in 3rd std..to be more presice ). Now I was a very shy and sweet girl..(Like you all must have come to know by now...I have not changed a bit..ehm ehm..Thanku Thanku..; )...)....following exactly what was taught to me. Now here starts my emotional story ..which will tear apart your soul..
Before entering the house..my mom gave my kid brother and me thoda sa Gyaan about basic etiquettes...
" When aunty gives some thing to eat..do not eat the whole plate like you did last time (Pointing towards my brother..NOT ME)...take only one piece...and also when you are given something dont grab it and start eating, say " No aunty" first time...and second time you can take it..and then say "Thank you aunty..."..

We were ready..I and my brother even did rehearsals. Like perfect two kids we entered aunty's place. Sat there like 2 angels and then came testing time..Aunty brought Gulab jamuns. Yum!! yum!! Garam garam Gulab jamun with Rabri on top...perfecttttttt.. I tried to control my feelings and my outburst of love for my Gulab jamun...At regular intervals I was eyeing it..waiting for aunty to ask..just ask once....my ankhon ki Gustakhiyaan was soon seen by many people. After waiting for like 20 min.. aunty atlast came...
" Dimple beta Gulab jamun loge??"
I blushed a bit..." Nahi aunty "..and waited patientlyyy for her to ask me the second time...
"ok".. and she went away
ok???.....wasnt she supposed to ask me one more time...I mean this could not be...she went straight towards my brother..
" Gulab jamun loge??"

" Yes aunty".

" Ye lo beta..special gulab jamun"
My brother gave me a wicked smile...I bit my lips..looked at my poor Gulab jamun...my lips trembled...this was cheating...Aunty had behaved unexpectedly...may be she didn't know that she was supposed to ask me again..may be she had never read that book on basic attiquetes... saddd...
Suddenly aunty asked me " Dimple beta aapko Gulab jamun nahi pasand??...aapne kyu nahi khaya"

Now what??...Somehow I had to improve my chances...I said something
like " Nahi aunty abhi garam hai na ..isliye..
per thoda der baad khaa sakti hun"...speaking the last few words very clearly and with actions ..so that she would not miss it..
" Ok..mei fridge mai rakhti hun..so that you can eat it afterwards.."

That whole day there was not a single moment when I did not miss Gulab jamun...and that aunty ..so careless...she had totally forgotten about them..instead of bringing them for me..she was asking some stupid questions...I tried giving her hints..
" Aunty
fridge ka pani peena hai".." Fridge ka colour bahuuuuuuut acha hai"..
" Light jaayega toh
fridge chalta hai kya?"...but all in vain....silly aunty.... Suddenly my dad said.." ok then we will take your leave"....
Leave ??....LEAVE !!!!! ....Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii keh do ki yeh jhooth hai......aunty yaad karne ki koshish karo ..meri amanat de do...mujhe mera pyaar lotaaa do...but all in vain...silly aunty,baddd aunty...I dont know what had happened to her...I can never forget that dayyy..:(

Return from flash back...I saw my friend still searching for her lost Gulab Jamun..I took out the Gulab jamun that I had
picked up ..put it in my mouth...ahhhhhhhh relief....some after effects are not bad after all..:)..Happy Ending

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Torture Express

When I saw him for the first time..I knew there was something wrong with him...(Naaah !!!..Dont worry.. am not writing a post about yet another Dyslexic child..I mean post Taare Zameen Pe,everyone is writing about being dyslexic or to have found one...In this case..Just read on and you will get it)
He was wearing dark sun glasses that too in the evening...;) ... It was the first time that my dialogue.."Looks don't matter..inner beauty does "....seemed Pass'e...Believe me..but sometimes God can be very unfair...(Btw If you by any chance belong to this category...you can skip this post...I will be writing something nice and sweet for you next time..yeahhhh!!..Now go away..)

I saw him going towards one of my colleagues (shiny)..And instantly got a Message from her ..
Shiny: Godddd here he comes..this person is sucha pakao person...plzz save me!!! ..:(
Me:Ya.. cud make out that..look at him, he looks like a kankhajoora (milipede)....such irritating looks...wonder wt he eats?
Shiny: Brains!!!..u shud hear his ring tone...always there is a new one..some bakwaas shaayri...and he doesnt even pick up the phone till the shayari is over...and today toh it is something like" Ouchhhhhhh !! Dhak dhak kar ne laga.."...wants everyone to hear that ..sooo sick..sucha torture
Me: Tch! Tch !..enjoyy girl !!!!...Ouchhh..;)

After some time he passed by me..looked at me..and suddenly stopped..(I dont know his name..but he is sucha pakao person ..I will call him P)

P: Hiiiiiiiiii Mam
Surprised Me: Hmmm??
P: I see that you did not recognize me..Haaaahhhaaahaa
Confused me: Sorry very poor in remembering faces (I should have included Ugly faces..but as you know I am quite sweet and soooo innocent..I thought of dropping those words)
P: But I remember you...you were in XYZ branch before... right??...I remember Everythiiiing..!!

Such a exaggerated Everythingggg !!....Mannnn !! some people I tell you..they behave as if they are your childhood friends or something. That was the first time I spoke to him..and I hoped it would be the last time ( I hate such over friendly creeps...:( )

Next time he came directly to me..asked me something about his account...and again his stupid conversation started..
P: Seriously when you were in XYZ branch..you were soooo different..now you have changed
Me:Changed??..who me..??...In what sense??
P: (Took a deep breath)...In every sense..

o oh...this looked bad..condition was serious...I shot a instant message to Shiny...to keep her in the loop.

Msg to shiny

Mannnn your Torture Express is here..and he is pissing me off like anything....do something..plzz
My great helper replied: Ohoo toh aapki lottery lag hi gayi...Enjoy !!!!..;) ..OUCHHH ...;)

Back to P
Me trying to change the topic and give him some gyaan...
Me:You have a savings account..but you are performing so many transactions in this..not acceptable..open a current accout
P now tried to act like Shahrukh ( kankhajoora shahrukh)..he removed his goggles (showing his squint eyes)...did some over acting..as if he was in deep thoughts..(surprisingly he looked more like Rani Mukherjee from Black) and then said
P: You are right mam...you are right....I appreciate that ..but initially this was a savings account..no transactions nothing...but now I am a busy man..have my own business....you know which business?

Ok now halt..you must be thinking why every third person starts telling me about their details...right?....dont ask me that question..mei khud nahi jaanti..but believe me I am innocent..sob sob...will do some research on it and let you know..

Sleepy Me: Yawnnn...no no
P: Kadhaii ka business
ME: Kadhaiiiiiii ka business...as in....bhaandi,bartan..kadhaiii!!!??? (utensils)
P: Tch tch...you think I am that kind??...
(Hmmmm !! This man had solid misconceptions about himself..but yeah in one way he was right..he did not look that kind at all..He was worse than that...I thought he was a bloody beggar or something....yuck yuck...)

He continued.." ye jo dress apne pehni hai na..iski kadhaiii ka business hai mera(embroidery).."
What did he think..I would jump and say....."ooooooo kadhaiiiyan ..wo toh meri favorite hai"..Duh !!!...sorry but I am not that kind either..
After some more blah blah... suddenly he said.."Mam I wants to do frandship wid u..."
Immediate thought process started in my mind.." I " wants to do friendship wid me..!!....Who is this "I"..where is he...what does he do??....and then I realised it was none other than the poor soul himself...Ghosh!!!...badddddd one....!!
I snapped.."so..??.."
"I Hope u dont mind.."
"Excuse me??"....usually when I say "Excuse me"..giving a irritated look..the other party can hardly ever speak...but this man..my dear friends was so pakao and so dumb..that he replied
EXCUSED...can I get your mobile no...
Goddd..how can a person be sooo dumb...I gave him a melting look..he understood and said something like.."ok..ok..I got it.."

Good...that I didn't have to say anything..coz I had no words...frandship request from "I" ...baddddd yaar and so saaaaddd

I think after 1 month or so he came again to the branch.I was sure the best way would be to ignore him...he came directly to me..for a account statement or something..very sadly the printer was not working...and so unwantingly I had to speak to him...I informed him about the printer..
"Dont worry mam that is ok for me..you can keep the application..when ever it is ready plz call me.. Btw Mam...Joint acct karni thi...meri wife ke saath..will you help"

Joint acct with wife !!..Did I hear it correclty..thank god he got married..that means I dont have to worry now...I told him the procedure and everything..and that I would inform him ..whenever the statement was ready..
Now you will understand why I hate him so much ..and why this post is " Torture Express"..
Sweet that I am ..I searched for his number and called him up.On the other end a lady picked up the call..." Hellooooo"
Me:" Hello..hmmm...can I speak to Mr P"
Lady: " Hellooooooooo...Hellooooooooo"
Me:" Can u hear me ??" (That day I controlled my anger like anything..thinking that it had to be his dehati wife..)
Lady: " Arreeee kuch toh bollooooo..helloooooo"
Me: " Hello ..hello...can u hear me now"
Lady: "Hellooooooo...hellooooo TRING TRING...arre kuch toh bolooooo"

Damn it...!!!! It was then I realised..it had to be his very third class caller tune....He was standing just outside..he came in with his stupid grinch smile...said oh you were trying to call right..thanks mam for remembering...
I controlled my anger...So many pangaaaas with me..and still he was alive..i felt like beating him witha stick...Now I have only one mission in life..to make life miserable for him..let him come with his wife for joint account..I will surely do some jhol in his account...or may be give his photo in Sansani or Indias most unwanted....Ahhhhhhhhhh seriously he is a "Torture Express"...and I want some ideas from you people to piss him off..I mean..before he does that to me...AGAIN!!..OUCHHH !!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Living in my own world ,didn’t understand
That anything can happen
When you take a chance
Now I know that something has changed
Never felt this way
And right here tonight
This could be the…Start of something new

I never knew that it could happen
Till it happened to me
I didn’t know it before but now
It’s easy to see..
It’s the start of something new
It feels so right to be here with you…
And now…lookin’ in your eyes
I feel in my heart
The start of something new