Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"Do you know ..there is this serial killer who kills every second woman whom he finds alone... !!" Me: "Kya baat kar rahi hai !!!! .." " Yeah..he is a woman hater..'coz his Girlfriend dumped him some years ago...dont know how can anyone do something like this..what an after effect...they say it is psychological...bah...psychology...hhahahhaa....this is all bullshit...hahahha..ohh man now where did I keep my Gulab jamun..gimme a min..let me just find that out..hahaha "

I kept quiet...After effect..psychology ..hmmmm...I remembered the time when I had lost something so special...I saw it going away..the pain that I had felt...the tears that I had hidden from this dushman zamaana ..sob sob..How had I felt..baaaaadddddd...very baddd .

It started this way .. I had gone to one of my relatives house..( I was in 3rd be more presice ). Now I was a very shy and sweet girl..(Like you all must have come to know by now...I have not changed a bit..ehm ehm..Thanku Thanku..; )...)....following exactly what was taught to me. Now here starts my emotional story ..which will tear apart your soul..
Before entering the mom gave my kid brother and me thoda sa Gyaan about basic etiquettes...
" When aunty gives some thing to not eat the whole plate like you did last time (Pointing towards my brother..NOT ME)...take only one piece...and also when you are given something dont grab it and start eating, say " No aunty" first time...and second time you can take it..and then say "Thank you aunty..."..

We were ready..I and my brother even did rehearsals. Like perfect two kids we entered aunty's place. Sat there like 2 angels and then came testing time..Aunty brought Gulab jamuns. Yum!! yum!! Garam garam Gulab jamun with Rabri on top...perfecttttttt.. I tried to control my feelings and my outburst of love for my Gulab jamun...At regular intervals I was eyeing it..waiting for aunty to ask..just ask ankhon ki Gustakhiyaan was soon seen by many people. After waiting for like 20 min.. aunty atlast came...
" Dimple beta Gulab jamun loge??"
I blushed a bit..." Nahi aunty "..and waited patientlyyy for her to ask me the second time...
"ok".. and she went away
ok???.....wasnt she supposed to ask me one more time...I mean this could not be...she went straight towards my brother..
" Gulab jamun loge??"

" Yes aunty".

" Ye lo beta..special gulab jamun"
My brother gave me a wicked smile...I bit my lips..looked at my poor Gulab lips trembled...this was cheating...Aunty had behaved unexpectedly...may be she didn't know that she was supposed to ask me again..may be she had never read that book on basic attiquetes... saddd...
Suddenly aunty asked me " Dimple beta aapko Gulab jamun nahi pasand??...aapne kyu nahi khaya"

Now what??...Somehow I had to improve my chances...I said something
like " Nahi aunty abhi garam hai na ..isliye..
per thoda der baad khaa sakti hun"...speaking the last few words very clearly and with actions that she would not miss it..
" Ok..mei fridge mai rakhti that you can eat it afterwards.."

That whole day there was not a single moment when I did not miss Gulab jamun...and that aunty careless...she had totally forgotten about them..instead of bringing them for me..she was asking some stupid questions...I tried giving her hints..
" Aunty
fridge ka pani peena hai".." Fridge ka colour bahuuuuuuut acha hai"..
" Light jaayega toh
fridge chalta hai kya?"...but all in vain....silly aunty.... Suddenly my dad said.." ok then we will take your leave"....
Leave ??....LEAVE !!!!! ....Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii keh do ki yeh jhooth hai......aunty yaad karne ki koshish karo ..meri amanat de do...mujhe mera pyaar lotaaa do...but all in vain...silly aunty,baddd aunty...I dont know what had happened to her...I can never forget that dayyy..:(

Return from flash back...I saw my friend still searching for her lost Gulab Jamun..I took out the Gulab jamun that I had
picked up ..put it in my mouth...ahhhhhhhh relief....some after effects are not bad after all..:)..Happy Ending