Sunday, September 10, 2006

Trip To Paradise

Chapter 1

Turning on the TV this Sunday morning , it was the same old news

"Seven persons, including two special police officers (SPOs), were killed and four civilians injured in separate incidents in Jammu and Kashmir during the past 24 hours, officials said on Saturday."

This news brought about old memories of the time when I had gone to kashmir with my family...

Day : 18th june
Decided place of vacation : Jammu

During the whole trip thoughts into Dimple's mind :Look at that , really mumbai is quite developed ...this place is sucha gaon (village).. What am i going to do in jammu , all cousins have already left the place..

Day : 19 june

Reached Jammu and was sitting in one corner ( had nothing to do..) . Though I must confess, the amount of importance that you get mind blowing. Special food is prepared for people refer to you by saying things like " bombay ki dimple "...and stuff..(which obviously used to make me feel like a bollywood actress )

Chapter 2
Sudden Plan

Day : 20 june

With half eyes open and curls in an unkempt state , I got the shock of my life when I heard people of my family making a plan of going to Kashmir.
" Now come on you cant do that....i mean its so scary ..everyday there is a blast..its not safe..naah i dont think its a good idea"
"ok " said my mom " you stay here ..we r going..happy???"
Since my early childhood days she has been using this trick or should I say blackmailing me in this way...and as history repeats itself..I again fell in for it..
The plan was made , packing was done..and we were off to our mini vacation..
What followed was an experience that would last for a life time.

Kashmir's beauty is mind blowing but filled with people who stare at you if they come to know you are a kashmiri pandit. Well yes that is a fact . At the back of your mind you will always have a feeling that something will go wrong. But all these feelings take a back seat in front of the scenic surroundings.




In this trip we came across the place were we used to stay ..the place is totally ruined now.

From my trip I realised one thing that kashmir is really a paradise on earth and its beauty uncomparable ,but this beauty is being tarnished by the terrorists. Come on people lets get together and try to fight these damn people who are trying to make kashmir a part of their country .