Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unbounded Stupidity

World is full of Multi-talented people...and yes all these people are a regular vistor in my bank..these are the people who can talk and bug u at the same time (without much effort ..see !! so much talent). Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet such a person.

Person : Madam my wife wants to change her name after marriage..wt sud i do??
Me : sure sir plz bring these documents....(even before i could complete...)
Person : ya ya i have all the relevant documents...jaldi gimme the forms vorms
Me : I will give ya the form but can i see the documents...hope u have brought registered marriage certificate
Me : Ok.. is it...Is it a gazzatte copy
Person : ye ke cheej hai....nahi i hab brought this

There was silence and suspence in the room...he took out an envelope.....and then came out a card...

Person : Ye lo ...mera invitation card..
Me : Wha invitation card??
Person : haan toh!!!!!!!!!!!!...wt more proof u require
Me : Sir how do u think this will suffice as a proof toh kahin se bhii milega
Person : Hmmm ok .....then ye toh chalega na
Me : ( I really didnt want to see that..but i dint have any chioce...with a smile ..i said) ya and what is it??
Person : ab ye toh chalna chahiye
Me : hmm wt is it??

Again there was silence
Person : YE lo
Me: ok now what is this....your mariage photos!!!!!!!
Person :haan to...meri wife ke maang mei sinddoor koi aur kyun bharega??
Me : HEHEHHHEH ..sir what are you can i send this as a document for name change
Person : Ya ..but u want a proof na that she is my wife..theres one more proof

Now i knew that one more proof and i would burst out

Person : oye sikandar....cum here
A small boy came
Person : Tell aunty who is your mom
Sikandar : papa...first tell me... mere liye kkrish toy kyun nahi laya
Person : oye chup kar....seedhe bata ..padhta likhta nahi hai..kkrish kkrish karta hai
Me : Thats ok...plzz...cant send sikandar as a document ..can I??
Person : I will tell you sumthing ..XYZ Bank is bekaar bank many documents for a simple name change!!!!!


Kartik Menon said...

i believe that some "creative" writng has gone into this

Kartik Menon said...

and u r linked on mine

nikhil said...

nice writing although i heard this incident at home too.

Aneesha Pillai said...

That was funny...nice one!!

Sonit said...

well well i think u r stupid....surprised? aur nai to kya....usne itne ache proofs laye the aur tumne sare reject kar diye,i mean the best was Oye sikander yaha aao...

smini said...

hey dimpi, nice to c another side of u...
iam waiting for the blog on
R*** I***
and M****A

vandana7 said...

hey dimple...that was some incident... should have sent sikander to rpc ...n ...

Minal said...

Dimps as a surprise for our dear friends at RPC lets send Raja Iyer there.. Lets give him anamika malvankars name as the contact person.... wonder if there could be anyone more ridiculous than him... on second thoughts there is... YOKU

Praveen said...

Great Incident...!!!

Wanderer said...

lol... nicely done. brought a smile!

Zaid said...

btw...i dunno whether he's still there... but 'sikander' used to b a one point contact for branches at RPC...

Sikandar ka proof araamse chalta tha...! ;)

Dimple said...

hahahha..arre he still thr..but this sikandar was a small sardar..;)

souneya said...

i think we sd change the kyc policy for better customer service... :)no hassle of loosing the document..nd that will take care of the family tree also..see sikandar then his sons..all will be our loyall cm's..wt say?

mxj7 said...

this really happened...!!!..
"meri biwi ki maang mein koi aur sindoor kyun bharega"!!!!
oh my god....wish i had found this blog before...!!

Anonymous said...

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