Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Art Of Living

VII std : I had taken part in a group dance competition.On the first day itself I realized that the steps were difficult ..I just couldn't perfect them..I was so sure my friends would laugh at me..I had sleepless nights..
College : A friend left the Dance group just 2 days before the D day ..I was made a scape goat..I pleaded ..I warned ..but they emotionally blackmailed me..and next moment I was in the group and dancing like a statue..

Now again the same situation..I saw myself standing in front of 20 unknown people .. and was asked to dance in front of them (Hellooo!!! Before getting any absurd idea in your mind read the whole thing)...This was my second day in the Art Of Living classes .
Actually it had started as a bet, someone challenged me that I would not be able to attend this class after office..even if I did ..I would surely faint 'coz of its timing and rigorous activities..I took up the challenge and here I was asking the trainer
" But why me..??.."
Sir : " why not you"
Me : "I dance veryy badly plzzz..."
Sir : " So what?...tell me one thing that stops you from doing things that you like to..I know you like to dance ..I know you luvv to sing ..then what is it that stops you??" (Ok one clarification..sir was saying this 'coz while introducing myself I had very happily declared my hobbies as singing ,dancing..this is my trademark hobby point..obviously I didn't have any clue that he would ask me to stand and dance)
Me : " hmm...I don't know...I do like to dance but ..they will laugh at me ..I don't dance well "
Sir : "when nobody is at dance rightt..."
I blushed a bit
Me : "Hmm ya some times"
Sir : "Then feel as if nobody is there..who are they to stop you from doing something you want to do...tomorrow you wont even meet them..some Tom Dick and Harry tells you that you dance bad and you stop it for the rest of your they have so much importance that they can stop you from doing what you want to do..? Close your eyes..feel this instant..just see what makes YOU happy"
I closed my eyes..and for the first time I felt so much relieved..seriously have you ever felt that there is this another person in you that wants to come out..wants to do things that it has never done...wants to laugh , become a child again..walk in peace... Most of the time what stops us are our own friends..the thought "what will my friends say if I do this thing "..isn't it??
I opened my eyes..and was ready..(It's a different thing that the song on radio was one of my most hated songs..something like Thaade waaste de doongi jaan ve..yuck yuck..but I did some decent steps..Thank you thank you..and for those who thought my dance was bad..excuse me Mr Tom ,Dick or Harry don't want your opinion..hmmph ..sir are you listening..:)))..

I remember we had this experience sharing session where we were divided into groups of 3 ..each one had to speak for 5 minutes..Usually I talk a lot, but this time I felt 5 min were too long for my life..the uncle in my group had sucha long story about his life..I mean with all was great to hear his story.. but it was too long..the boy had a shorter story but a very interesting one..and mine was the shortest..I mean after 1 min ..I was asking them "what else do you want to hear..??"
Also there was this very lovely garden in our training centre..we were asked to go down and talk to one of the trees (one person with one tree)..initially we thought it was quite weird..I caught one sookha hua tree..I looked here and there to see what others were doing..most of them had already started talking ..I had no clue what to do..I mean I seriously don't have the habit of talking to unanimated was a perfect situation as if I had met a person for the first time..I had no topic ..I started by saying " What has happened to you?? Don't eat anything or what..?"...and then things started flowing.."Listen Suukhu (Nickname of that tree..cho chweet no..:)) I think you should really drink more water and absorb more sunlight if you want..and what about other trees..they are good na..let me know if they are not..ohh ok ok so you are happy..blah blah.." and then suddenly realizing that I should now stop my gupshup with the tree..that was one moment when I was laughing on myself for having talked so much (and such nonsense..but the tree was very sweet and very patient )

Also I came to know how working in a bank makes you kind of a popular personality.While standing outside the class during break member came to me and said " You are in XYZ bank right..I had been there..I had come to you..and my wife knows you very well"
Me : "That is why I was thinking I have seen you somewhere..." (usually when I don't recognize people I maarofy this dialogue )
Uncle :" wow good memory"
Blushing me..: "Thanku Uncle"
Suddenly another boy came to join us
Boy : " Hey you are in XYZ bank right"
Me again trying to be smart : "yaaaa...You had come right..I remember you also"
Boy : "No yaar I have never been to a bank ( Duh..!! )...I just heard you when you were introducing yourself..why this your trademark dialogue hmm..??"
Lesson learnt : Be a good listener and never react before knowing the facts..

Ohh by the way before ending this post , there is one more thing that I learnt..
" Never be afraid of your view point, even if it is against the flow..may be people are waiting for that one person to stand up and fight for them"..
Thanku Art of living really helped me a lot

With this I declare I luvv Himesh Reshamiya's music..even with his nasal twang..Himesh jii I think you are gr8...Himeshhh Reshamiyaaaaaaaaaa I am cuminggggggggg....:)..


Kokonad said...

Well, that dancing episode did remind me of 8th class when we were all being tested on classical dance (Kathak, I think) Oh god that was so embarrassing, more so when a few friends who were classmates from back then remind me of it!
And I am all sorts of clumsy. I have a feeling people already pass me off as a "mannequin gone wild"!

Ashu said...

well this ART OF LIVING has really tought u a lot.
oh yes n u won the bet also, isnt it?
But really at times we do or dont do things in fear of "What others will say" n this is so true.
Never the less u learnt a lesson to actually listen to urself
So now we can find u in gardens talking to trees na! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess most of the times ....wat stops u from doing things that u like ... is U urself ....

Manish said...

ha ha ha last line was a clincher. wo kehne ke liye itti badi post likhne ki kya juroorat thi :p.
I hope Himesh is listening.

Nice entertaining post as always.

Dimple said...

@Kokanad :Ya same here...even I danced like a statue..But I bet Iwas much more expressionless than u ..:P

@ashu : ya rt...u search another sukhu for me..only then will I talk to that tree..:)

@anonymous : ya thats very true..

@ Manish : haan last line samjhaane ke liye ye post ki story bahut zaroori thi..varna koi nahi samjhega meri baat..

Sonit said...

i loved it when tht guy said tht i'v never been to XYZ bank ....and u were caught...hahahaha....kitna maza aaya hoga na???newaz as alwaz u'v been very honest and extermely entertaining thru the blog.....n if u rem th himesh's thing u hd told me long back....

echo said...

hey dimple
quite a regular reader but have alwasy been to lazy to comment..but this post i connected wid quite well as i also did d aol course..but i did their youth waala course so instead of uncles it was a whole lot of cool guys n gals..was fun..quite alife changing thing for me..n yes u r so funny!!

Ajith said...

There's an orkut community - "dance like nobody's watching ' :) -- with lot of members ..
In my childhood I was supposed to be a good singer..But my musical talents developed into only a bit of back bench singing.. Never tried dancing though :)

Dimple said...

@ Sonit : ya ya i remember ..Actually that day wen i spoke to u..I had already completed my aol class..just that i wrote this post much later..and c as usual u liked it wen sumbody made a popat out out of me..veryyy baaadddd..

@echo : ohhh u never comment just because u feel lazyyy...groannn u broke my heart..:(..also ur batch had all young ppl...ahhh one more crack in my heart..;)

@Ajit : wt r u saying..i will join that community rt now..and yaa even i sing quite well ..but i feel like singining wen nobody asks me to sing..and wen i m asked to..i suddenly get this throat infection..;)

Sonit said...

;-) ab kya karen.....tumko tang karne me mazza aata hai na....n u knw m nt serious....aftrall i cnt b so bad with succha gud writer!!!

VeeZee said...

hehe.. nice post.Very well structured . Am not such a big fan of groups like AOL and the schmere, but the message they are sending out seems good.
Nevertheless, I still hate Himesh Reshamiyaa. hehehe.

Dimple said...

@ Sonit: jeee thanks..:))

@ Veezee :Sriously once in your life time u shud try these things..and abt Himesh Reshamiya..plzz aise mat kaho..:(..

hope and love said...

lovely post.

Kokonad said...

Hey... you have been tagged!

Jeseem said...

hey the boy was stupid. really really stupid. He should have send , "maybe there I saw u. I am not sure" or he should have said, "yeah I should visit the bank more often to see you ;) "
nice post. I heard a lot of people have benefited from the art of living training

Dimple said...

@jeseem: Hahahah u r funny..He was not smart enough like u..:)

akshay said...

1> dimple u dance ..what should i say...very amazingly !!! koi jothe tarif nahee kar raha ho....sach bol raha ho...u dance in a flow a water fall that comes out of some mountain high...aap aise nachte hai jaisa ki tez hawa se paad joomte hain...aap ke steps bahut emaculate hote hai....
2>Art of Living....Sri Sri Ravi Shanker...very wise man...i have heard him saying on TV and read a few booklets...he is a very followed person...he I heard cured a very famous britain doctor who used to have headache...after lon diagonis no cause was found and he could not cure himself...but later it was set right with meeting with Sri Sri.
3> trees se bathe ke...pad ne kya jawab diya......i too will ask something to the tree and see what he answers..

akshay said...

hum aap ko kaisa hasenya...yeh sooch rahee hai...

akshay said...

one thing I forgot...himesh...i too like him a lot...keep on doin the gud work..

akshay said...

and again saying whatever any tom dick or harry says...leave them apart,,,U DANCE VERY WELL,,,like Sharukhs Maya (madhuri) in Dil Tho Pagal Hai

Dimple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dimple said...

@akshay: Nowww its very clear..who u r..coz i have never danced in my life..i have danced only once..and that was in ST / KD's party..
and yes it was after attending sri sri ravishankarji's class that i stoppd worrying abt what TOM , DICK and HARRY's think about me

btw.."he I heard cured a very famous britain doctor who used to have headache...after lon diagonis no cause was found and he could not cure himself...but later it was set right with meeting with Sri Sri."...wt was wid that doc,who didnt have a cure for his own headache..he must had will he treat others..boss this not his proffession i tell u..;)

hann haan tree se baat karna ..baada maza aata hai..per dhyaan se koi dekh na le..;)

heyy btw thanks for the compliment..:)))..even u dance well

akshay said...

me dance well ?? naa..really i was dancing for the first or second time only, i have never danced in school or college or even at functions,,,and dont even dance at home ...not my hobby..but i take your word thanks for the compliment..
regarding doctor...there is a saying in kashmiri that a nayee(barber- who cuts hair and shaves-u would be knowing, but still) has to go to another barber for cutting his hair, however expert he may be in cutting peoples hair but he cannot cut his own hair, he has to go to another barber for cutting his hair....but this doesnt undermine what u said..ya normally a professional should be able to do his job..but my story regarding doctor was true as i had read it dont know much...
tree se baat karta samay koi dekh bhi laga tho koi baat nahee ..per kise se baat karte koi dekha ga..tho pata nahee..

akshay said...

oh u r clear who i am !!! heavens r u listening(reading)

akshay said...

one important thing I forgot to write--how easily u wrote ST/KD's part, only ST/KD's party !! how simple and direct, without bringing in between the complex and large structure of XX's YY, YY's ZZ, ZZ's QQ etc etc. Well I never did think so straight -ST KD, Do u know I call ST with a jee, STjee that KD does not mind, and need not say that I would be careful about the branches(relations) of ST/KD ,so I thought them as a whole unit comprising of them and there branches...well now I can look at u as only DF :-)

akshay said...

because of u simplfying things

Dimple said...

no seriously u all cousins danced very well that day..i dont believe that it was the first time u danced..:)
"tree se baat karta samay koi dekh bhi laga tho koi baat nahee ..per kise se baat karte koi dekha ga..tho pata nahee.."..c if that kisi se refers to me..then seriously who will say wt..?...itna koi nahi sochta..itna complex nahi karte..naa itna sochte hain..u shud really attend SRI SRI's class..u will stop worrying only..:)
btw one imp doubt..i really dont know how r u related to KD..and who wr ur parents ..wahan toh kaafi confusion tha humko..dont tell this to anyone but i still hav my doubts of who is KD's mother..

akshay said...

well I think I should attend Sri Sri' nature I am like that, shy, and dont express my self easily, ah what a bad thing, but cant help it, u see, anways..from now onwards I wont think much..
coming to another point, well If KD reads it she will make it public kinda thing,,anyways cool if u read it,, well u have doubt about who kD mother was, ask your cousin to get the CD and see from that...well KD is my cousin, her dad is my mama (KKD), thus she is my maamterbaney..
well how will i tell u who were my parents...maybe u see them on CD or whatever, ah u will see them on KD wedding if u come there, my mother is the youngest sis of KKD,
--hey KKD, KD, ST and all near and dear ones, cool haan, its just general info that I am giving to DF, so no issues everbody--

Dimple said...

Yaar this is wt i dont like abt kashu ppl..they create a fuss abt everything..u talk to sumbody..before u reach home..rumours hav already been spread..ur parents r already ready wid a BARC colony also it ws the same thing..ppl wr soooo narrow minded..but now thank god my parents hav becum quite broadminded..ibut that is also coz i dont hide anything from them..(cant even do that..if i do sumthing wrong i feeel so guilty..mere pet mei dard hota hai and then i blurt out everything)..
so plz KD,ST,KKD,KKKKKK...everybody trust us..hum sirf baat kar rahe hain..cozz both of us are bored of our lives..phew my peach is over..thanku

Dimple said...

arre i have the pics, first day tha na..usme ek aunty hai white mei..doosri hai pink mei..unme se koi KD ki mom hai ya tumhari??..filhaal toh pics mei do hi aunty's hai

akshay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.