Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tagged !!! ..atlast...;)

Guess this is the most difficult thing to do ..I am thinking from the past 2o min and still I have no idea wt to write...I mean come on I have to tell everybody about myself...thanks to Nabila and Kokonad who tagged me a month ago..I had been delaying this but now the shubh muhrat has atlast come..

I am a typical Cancerian Girl... very emotional..I get emotionally attached very easily...and so I try not to get too close to any1.I forgive very easily but I never if after years of friendship one day I tell you my age old feeling or some thing that had hurt me...don't be surprised..I remember each and everything . I kinda have a photographic memory remember where exactly had we met our friendship had bloomed..and when you hurt my little heart...phewww !!! sometimes I think my brain has got overloaded..

2.I luvv to laugh and I really luvv to be with people who can make me laugh and who enjoy life. You will always find me in the company of such people. Quite weird but I try not to be with people who
who are very sad in their life or people who crib about everything ..not that I don't care about their feelings , Its just that I tend to become like them in their company...and I don't want to be sad..

3.I take up different habits from different friends of is because of some such friends that I got this habit of saying "AAIINN " and " Arre
" (When surprised )..or " Ye kya Andugundu tha"...(Indecent movie or any indecent stuff..quite childish but I cant control that...)...and the most frequently used " yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".....(When ever excited)

4.I dont like to do house hold chores..and I hate all girls who do it especially in front of my mom. Plzzzz girlssss...plzzz have mercy on meee..what have I done to you...whom are you trying to impress...Not me right, no use impressing me..I am straight.....ohh plzz and not my brother..he is tooo young for marriage... then y????
I don't know how girls do it..I mean you go to their place ..they act as if they are very happy to see you..they will run towards the 2 mins tea is less than a min different eatables are their in front of mom always impressed by such act says " arre beta itna sab tumne kiya ..very good"....pat comes the reply " heheh aunty isme kya tha..."
isme kya tha???..isme ye tha ki now I have to learn the same thing and do it when you and your mom comes !!!

5.I am quite imaginative..I can make up stories .. I can act to make them look realistic. Some times I cook up stories in my mind and get very happy thinking about them ...eeesstupid me ..but thats the way..:P..

6. I am very possessive about my friends and my personal things..I cant share them with any one..though I wont tell them about it..but I get a bit jealous when my friends become friends with my other group friends..

7.What else...hmmm I am single...I have never had a crush in my life..well that was a lie..I have had many crushes in life..lemme see 1..2...3...4....100 ..but there have been only 2 strong crushes that had lasted for about a year..both crushes are crushed now...when I see back ..I am like shit why the hell did I ever like this person .they were terrible in every choice has improved like anything now..thank god for that..
But what ever it is I am happy being single..I am just not the typical Girlfriend types.I am so sure that even if I am in a relationship both of us ..(I mean me and my imaginary Boyfriend ) will be bored to death..what can one talk about everyday and I always wonder what do official gf and bf talk about???

8.Last fact about me to all my friends...I may have hidden a few facts about me from you but I Have Never Lied about anything in my Life..

Phewww thank god 8 points are over...actually I had landed up writing 10 points..editing karna pada last mei..
Now my turn to tag ..heheh my favorite..Each one of you has to write 8 random Facts about yourself

Ajith , Arz00n , Kartik , Manish , Nikhil , Saurabh , Alpana , Hirdu...All the best..:)