Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Laga Ki Chaay Pe Bulaya Hai

For those who visit my blog often..its a very weird title, but you will come to know the reason after some time.It was a war against my very dignified soul and my cheap soul. Cheapness won and the result was this post .

After office when I was leaving for home one of my colleagues who stays near my place offered to give me a lift. Now I don't usually talk much to him. But a lift ..cool..I started calculating
Bus Fare : Rs 15
Auto Fare till house : Rs 11 ( why is Rs 11 Minimum charge for Navi Mumbai people..when others have to pay only Rs 9..thinking of complaining..seriously...my cheapness starts again..;) )
Total : Rs 26
Motorbike lift Fare : Rs 0
Hmm pretty tempting I said OK and hopped on the bike ... Mistake No 1

About this guy (As usual I will call him Mr X ).. he is a very quiet person and I used to think he was a geek of some sort .I remember he once sent a SMS to me, it took me 2 days to understand the damned message ..and I still have my doubts whether I have fully understood the quote..;)

We reached home .The poor guy had come all the way to drop me, just as a formality I asked him to come inside..I mean you usually do it right.."Plz do come in "..when you actually don't mean it..but then he agreed instantly and said how he had always heard from my colleagues that I had a beautiful house. Surprised a bit I welcomed him inside. (Welcome ??...hehehhe )...Mistake No 2

He entered my house at 7 pm.Got introduced to my Mom and my Granny, became quite comfortable. After this I don't know what happened, but all the conceptions that I had had about him of being quiet and shy got blown away..(My remaining colleagues who are right now thinking that "Naaah!! He is a very shy and quiet person"... girlsss take him home..then you will surely come to know ) .
This boy..Once he started talking ..there was just no way to stop him .

Mr X : " I was in Xyz dept and then my Boss said blah blah and then I Thought...This is it...!! "
Chorus ( Mom ,Granny and me ) : " Tch tch then..?? "

Mr X :"..and then in USA..I thought..India is my home country..it needs me!!"
Chorus :" Waaah..!!.. very good " ( Huh ...Live Swades Movie..;))

Mr X :"and Blah.. blah... My native place is Xyz and then we go for walk in the morning ..blah blah "
By now we were half dead..
Chorus : " Yawn ...good good..."

Now's my favorite part..(but no offense)
Mr X : " Hehehe no no no...I don't eat Non veg food....ya..and I belong to the vanshaj of Shivaji.. "
Chorus : " Shivaji?? "
Mr X : " yes aunty ...Shivaji the Great..he was my great great grandfather..yes Aunty when there was a attack..blah blah and more blah.."

I don't know what he was trying to do..I mean if he was trying to entertain us..we were just not entertained..

My Granny who is a mimic and quite humorous ( but she can speak only kashmiri)..was now totally fed up and her comments had started ( you just cannot escape that )..
"Hatsa vayn kar nereey ya shivaji ?? em zan kheow son kal "
(Translation: When will Mr Shivaji go?? He has nearly eaten our brains )

Mr X : " What aunty..Hey Dimple what did she say??
I thought hard and blurted
Me : "That ...that no wonder you are Shivaji's grandson..You two have similarities..hmmm...lookwise "
Mr X : " Ya ya I know ...even my mom says that..bas ek beard ki kami hai ..hahahaha.."
We looked at each other..
Chorus : "ehm ehm ...hahahha.."

Even hints like " Beta khaana khaake jao !!" where not working.. we were getting answers like " Nahi nahi mei toh ghar pe hi khaaoonga.."..helloooooo then what are you waiting for ..go home no..!!
Atlast at 9.30 pm he thought of going home for having his Din Din..:)
Now I thought the trouble was over, but I was wrong..
Now here comes a twist.. Emotion ,Drama and whole cloud of suspicion ....target --> Me
My Mom ,Granny and by now even dad.." Dimple he talks a lot !!!! "
Me : " Ya I know..but he is a very shareef boy "
Mom: " Hmmm....why was he tellling us about his native place..??"
Dad: "and about his parents..??"
Granny : " and about shivaji's relation with him ??"
Me : " Don't know..I think ..lack of topic or something !! "
Dad: " Hmmm...Very talkative really...but why did you bring him home.? "
Me : " Formality..nothing else.."

Suddenly I felt like a terrorist being interrogated ..and sharp brains don't need many hints..I could smell what was cooking ...I defended myself..

Me : " Heyy plzz ...don't get me wrong..I don't even talk to him....Eeeesshh aapko kya laga mene chaay vaay pe bulaya hai ( you got a hint why I have named my blog LAGA KI CHAAY PE BULAAYA HAI..hmmm ...I am so sure everybody got it..sharp brains don't need much expalanation..:))
Mom and Dad: " Ofcourse Ofcourse we know..we do trust you....We were just asking.."
Me :"Ohh Thank God !!"

After 10 min
Dad: " Dimple ....Vaise he stammers a bit na..."
Me : " ..not again..!! "