Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Atlaaaast I am 24 !!!!....:)))

Yup turned 24 ..and am sooooooo happy ...Just think about it...24 yrs of my life are over and many more still to come...woahhh gr8888888....:)))..Cheers to that..:))

Though nothing much has changed in my life..I still miss the way I used to celebrate my birthday...new dress to school.. chocolates for friends and teachers...cutting cakes, waffers , gulab jamun...yum yum. I used to personally go to each friend's place and invite them for my evening Birthday party and would janbujke include this line " Gifts Not allowed haan plzzzz"...which would be like a reminder to foolish friends that there exists a tradition of giving gifts...and which also meant that plzzzzz buy me a beautiful gift...I would wait eagerly for my evening party..mainly accepting gifts from everyone...once that was done..waiting fo every1 to go ...so that I could see what was lying inside...actually while accepting the gift itself I would get a hint of what could be there inside...no no not because i was a gifted child and no also not because i had X-ray in my eyes..it was 'coz usually it would have Pencil Box, tiffin box..and sweet frnds wud buy biiiig games..(oh yes..and I would never forget to call those SWEET friends for my next bthday..)..

Ohhh btw everyone is invited for my birthday party and Plllzzzz Gifts not allowed..;P