Monday, October 01, 2007

DUH... !!!

" Mangalik hun toh kya hua ..mei insaan hun.."

My first reaction on hearing this melodramatic statement on news was.. "Duh!!!..why are these news channel people even bothering to show this type of news..but look at the poor girl !!! "

My brother gave me a wicked smile and said.."Yeah seems like somebody's future..."
Always ready for extracting some Juicy news from him I jumped.." ya !!..whose future ??"
He came close to me.. held my head with his hands, gave a sigh and then said "You My dear girl ..your future..."
"My future..ya right...why"
"You are mangalik dear girl..sob"
"Me???...I am a mangalik..who told u that.."
"well..I overheard..and let me tell you something ..this news is 100 % true"

Dhananananna Dhum tanananana ..Dhum tanananana....So on..
(For stupid ppl who are wondering what happened suddenly...guys this is my background music...I was shocked you see)

I felt as if I had been diagnosed with some Jaanleva disease...about which I had no clue...Sigh.I could feel the curiosity increasing in me.So I decided that from now on mission Mangalik or should I say Mission Mangu had to be started.
Within my research period,I got different versions and different definitions from of being a Mangalik.

Internet Version:

Damn couldn't understand a talks about some houses..that Mars is in 7th number ka house..Moon is in 12th number ka house..and poor Rahu is in somebody's neighbor's house.. phewww very confusing

Friends Version: (Exaggerating from every sense )

Curious Me: You know what.. I am a have any clue about it??

Friend: Mangalik !!!...damn hav got to marry a mangalik only..and if you marry a Non mangalik..your husband will DIE..

Hmmmm seriously??..Does that mean mangaliks are human killers?? Thinking about it...Mangalik people can start taking supari's..I mean if you want to kill some one (Non mangalik) marry her/him to a mangalik..and my fellow Mangu people will do the mission without getting anybody into trouble or any police case..Cheers to Mangu people...;)...Thanku Thanku this is my original idea and am not going to share the credit with any one..:))

Comedy friends version
Friend: You are a mangalik !! ..ohh ok ok..I know what you got to do..You have to first marry a tree and then a human..:P
Me: Duh..who told you that...
Friend: Ashwarya Rai..came to know everything from her marriage..

Tree !!!....damn it.. just imagine people attending 2-2 with a tree..and one with a humanbeing..and then commenting.." I think the first husband was far better and much cuter than this one...!!! "..:)
or another situation I have a fight with my husband and I say.." Mei jaa rahi hun tumko chodke ,apne pehle pati ke paas..wo mujhe kabhi kuch nahi bolta tha...!! " ....;)

Flirt friends version:

Me again : yaar you know I came to know I am a mangalik

Friend : So what??
Me: Damn I will have to marry a tree first..
Friend : No no you don't hav to do that..seriously speaking..I am bored with life..I will do this sacrifice for you..I will marry you...if I die 'coz am a non mangalik...thats ok for me.. 'coz I am seriously bored..and if I don't die...we have already proved that mangalik and non mangalik's can be happily ever after..wt say..??

Hmmm..I thought that was very intelligent..and so cute..:)

In the end I still don't have any clue..why such a big fuss is created about a mangalik person..and am still trying to find m