Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Happy Bday to u
Happy Bday to u
Happy Bday to dear CC (excuse me...Candid Confessions.. not call center..:P)
Happy Bday to u

Ehm Ehm now its my chance to say a few words about CC....Yup CC has turned 1 yr old ..(forget about the date..) and I m so proud of her..:)
I remember the time when I had no clue what blogging was all about .My dearest brother S and one of my family friends K..would go on and on about writing a new post and I would be like
" Helloooo what is blog spot..what do u do over thr..You just write wtever happens ??...isnt that weird ..what if people read it..blah blah and more blah"....Got many explanations ...( you know the type of explanations u can get from a blogger boy and his friend ..;))

In Aug I thought I should also give it a try ..I mean come should try out different things in life I wrote my first post..

Peep Into My LIfe
When I read this heart bleeds from within..sob ..sucha saaaad story..but that time was totally different.My job was like an unhappy marriage..and I was desperately seeking for a divorce.The mere look at my HUSBAND's face would increase my frustration level and on the top of it my MOTHER-IN-LAW (Boss..:P) was pathetic. (Bigggggg Boooooo to her)
But then things started changing. I began to notice things and do things that made me short I tried to make things work in this terrible marriage. I would spend time thinking on what I would write next instead of cribbing. the a a park or my bank I would wait for weird people to do something strange ..something funny ,so that I could write about them and feel immense pleasure..CC gave me a reason to live and to enjoy..:)
UNBOUNDED STUPIDITY and FRUSTRATION UNLIMITED were two such real incidents .

Then atlast I got a divorce from my marriage and it was bye bye to mom-in-law...:). The new office was cool ..(TouchWood). The rest of the posts were written with the new office in mind.

is one of my favorite posts. I felt so stupid after the incident . But seriously those 5 days when I had spoken to this person X (on Intranet of my office) where the best days of my life...X rotated my life by 360 deg and then back to 0 deg.But cheers to X !!..we hav been gr8 friends..:)

Then came the phase when I wrote my first love story SWEET OGRE
Faced criticism like anything from those who know me..70% people were shocked..I don't know why..I guess because they thought I could never write such a thing..and secondly because 100 % people thought it was my story..(Huh !! )...but I thought what the hell..this was one such place where I could write wt ever i wanted..and nobody can dictate terms here..its my world..!! (and there was seriously nothing in wont believe it, but I had to put a PS in that post..which was initially not there..!!)

Then there were my flashback wala posts like
and some other incidents LAGA KI CHAAY PE BULAYA HAI
It has been a gr8 journey...cheers to CC
Ohh my speech is over.. yeah plz help your self,can have a bite from that cake..:) ( and keep some for me tooo...:P )