Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chandrakanta : The Swashbuckling Fare

Breakfast in one hand and remote in the other, I was trying to find a good channel on a warm Sunday morning. Naah!! Not another Saas Bahu sports channel for me...and then I came across a very flickering and unclear channel..Well no points for guessing..yes it was Doordarshan . They were broadcasting a short interview of Nirja Guleri .
"Nirja Guleri...Guleri ..I have heard about him . Does he come in my bank...well no ..ohhh Nirja Guleri !!!!!!"


Don't remember perfectly but I think I was in the third or fifth std and I remember our only lifeline was Doordarshan and DD Metro.I would wait desperately for sundays to come.
At sharp 9 am the sweet music would float in my Hall.

Chandrakanta ki kahani
ye mana hai purani..
ye purani hokar bhi
badi lagti hain suhani
naugaaaaaaaad vijaaaygaaaad ka raaaj kumaaaar..chandrakanta se karta thaaa pyaaaar..(2)

Wow!!! I loved Sundays soooo much. Every sunday would be like a picnic. We had a TV serial time table .
9 am : Chandrakanta
10 am : Duck Tales
11 am : Talespin
12 pm : Fun Time...etc etc

All my friends and I would assemble at one place to watch yet another romanchak episode of
" Chandrakanta". The world that was depicted in that serial was just so fascinating .I was greatful to Nirja Guleri for making this serial ( Director or Producer of that serial ..I mean I am not sure..but who cares ) .
For those who have no idea what I am talking about...well I speaka Englis and' if ya still don understan lemme tell ya :

This serial was about Princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygad and Prince VirendraSingh
of Naugad . Both are in luuvvv. But there is our dushman zamaana. Both these kingdoms are big rivals of each other ( Due to some unknown reason you don't expect me to remember these details do you ?? ). Now Chandrakanta has a very cruel minded minister ..Mr Krur singh . He wishes to marry her but then his wish remains merely a wish ..Why??...'coz Chandrakanta loves VirendraSingh ..stupid..(I see not' attentive in class..!!!)...So our Krur singh decides to go to the neighboring kingdom and join hands with another rival Mr Shivdutt. Shivdutt is another very interesting character in this serial . He, my good friends is not a normal human being or should I say he is not a homosapien...but an aiyyar..( A person who can convert into other animals..hmmm very dangerous ) and he has poison in his blood !!!!! Can you believe that ?? But childhood is such a sweet stage in one's life. You just don't have the brains as to what is good for you and what is ..well stupid...!!
We would all go numb each time Shivdutt would throw his new wife out of the castle window and make a snake bite him ( He has poison in his body toh due to some unknown reason he has to do that every day and is helped by his Ex -Flame Vishkanya in that ).Everytime this would happen it would arouse innocent questions in innocent minds..(who had nothing to do ...I don't understand why I would waste my energy in understanding these logics instead of breaking my head in understanding logics of maths or science..)

First Bacha :Hey why does he do that ??
Second Bacha: Tha bitch asked him to do that !!!
Darpok Bacha :Ohh !!! this Vishkanya ..God is watching everything..she will never have peace in her life.

Hmm innocent minds...but not all were innocent ..
Any romantic scene would eco giggles in the room..tee hee ..I didnt watch that.. what happened..??
Hey I have my eyes do you expect me to watch ??..but nothing much happened. He was about to tee heee.. kiss her...but ... but then he only hugged her.

Even Krur singh had become quite famous..he had become a role model for all small rowdy boys ..a beautiful girl in the street and suddenly you would hear " Yakoooooooo "..or " YAkooooo Pitaaajiiiii "...This dialogue of Yakoo Singh had become more popular than our great shakti kapoors " Maaammaa AAAAOOOOOO"
And now for those who have started to complain that this post seems to be a mini episode of Chandrakanta.."EXCUSE ME..BUT HAVE YOU READ THE TOPIC...IT SAYS.."Chandrakanta : The Swashbuckling Fare "...that means won't have anything related to your favourite serial "Shaktimaan " or may be " Raja and Rancho"..(but must confess the monkey is quite brilliant in that...though I don't remember whether he was Raja or Rancho ..:p)

Ok back to the don't get scared I am ending my post in Chandrakanta Eeeestyle...

tatatatamnnnnn...." NIRJA GULERI PRODUCTION "
Again the music :Chandrakanta ki kahani...mana hai purani..lalallalalallaal..



Wanderer said...

hey dimple... u just made a lot of things suddenly redolent. sunday mornings, the aloo paranthas, chandrakanta, uncle scrooge, kid and ballu... o how much i miss it all...

reading this post almost took me back to the innocent happiness and carefree moments! thanks a lot for sharing... :)

sunny said...

are you dimple from jammu and studied in loni near pune?

Dimple said... home town is jammu ..but havent studied thr u c..but whch sunny r u??..;)

Ashu said...

tan tan tan tatatatdannnnnnn

nice title, per story mei thodi gadbad kar di.
Chandrakanta ki story ko kuch lamba hi kheech diya re.
isliye movie ke end end me thoda bore ho jaega. but all in all a good story.
He he are yaar its true how good the days were, truely miss those days......

tan tan tan tatatatdannnnnnn

sunny said...

so did u study in loni?

sunny said...

Dimple said...

@ sunny no never in loni..studied in mumbai only!!

Anonymous said...

sorry to bother you then

Dimple said...

@ashu ..hey i changed the ending...u r was really bad!!!

Ashu said...

oh yes right
oops 4got the title track

tan tan tan tantantantadan.....

ya i thaught it was about chandrakanta frm Dimple's pt of view,
but may b u r right. Its just
"Chandrakanta: The Swashbuckling Fare"
so may b i shud complement Mr. Nirja Guleri for nice story.
so i was really very sleepy that day
thik hi hai
chalo aj ke liye itna kafi hai

tan tan tan tantantantadan.....

Arz000n said... are nuts....seriously :))

remember that conv we had couple of days back on chandrakanta ;)

Yaakoooo dimple zeeee!!!

Got all those DD memories I miss Doordarshan :((

Aneesha Pillai said...

LOLzz..I was flooded wid memories..chandrakanta..alif laila..jungle book...Those awaited sundays..I terribly miss them ''sob sob'!!

Aditi said...

nice.. u remembered a lot more of it then i did

Ajith said...

nostalgic post.. Got here after some random blog-hopping.. I too used to see Chandrakanta..But, after some time, I stopped as the story began to move in such a way that each character began to have duplicates and sometimes even triplicates.. Couldnt get a hang of it then :)

Kartik Menon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kartik Menon said...

arrey mast post hai still remember that corny story...i remember Johhny sokko and his giant robot along with streethawk much better

ankur said...

hey dimple u have written tis quiet nicely....seems u hav gone deep into the topic....gud one gal

engennious said...

Later on the Chnadrakanta serial had everyone except those two poor lovers.....

Whatever it was i used to love it...

And ya remembering those sunday mornings, cant describe verbally what it fills ur heart & mind with.....

Sonit said...

hmmm...sweet old memories...but excuse me u dint revive them alone...i had been to eklavya fdfs n thr durin th interval they showd a movie trailor....Talisman...amitabh,sanjay dutt,saif,vidya (i guess)....vidhu vinod chopra production....based on chandrakanta....n then here i read this blog of yours....sach sach bolo kaha se idea mila yeh blog likhne ka?

Dimple said...

Excuse me ..eklavya has come much after this blog..I think he must have got inspired after reading my blog..wt do u say??..:)

Sonit said...

oh phulleeezzzz....i'm sure u wud have seen th trailor or atleast u wud'v got to know abt the movie from smwhere n then this blog.....sacch sacch bolo,kissi ko pata nai chalega!!!

Naresh Chaudhary said...

yaar un dinno ki yaad mat kiya karo kyonki shayad wo din kabhi laut ke nahi ayenge
wo sunday ka intezar karna aur sunday subah rangoli ke gaano ke saath uthna phir 9:00 chandrakanta, 10:00 jungle book, 11:00 tarrumtoo etc

wow that was amagin if i its possible then i want to live that life 100 times........

Tuhin said...

hi dimple,

hmmm ! bachpan ki yaade taaza ho giya,

Ny ways ,I am looking for the title track two tele-serials of chnadrakanta and Junoon ,

if you have ,plz send in this id

Any format (mp3,avi ,etc)

Thanks in advance

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