Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Atlaaaast I am 24 !!!!....:)))

Yup turned 24 ..and am sooooooo happy ...Just think about it...24 yrs of my life are over and many more still to come...woahhh gr8888888....:)))..Cheers to that..:))

Though nothing much has changed in my life..I still miss the way I used to celebrate my birthday...new dress to school.. chocolates for friends and teachers...cutting cakes, waffers , gulab jamun...yum yum. I used to personally go to each friend's place and invite them for my evening Birthday party and would janbujke include this line " Gifts Not allowed haan plzzzz"...which would be like a reminder to foolish friends that there exists a tradition of giving gifts...and which also meant that plzzzzz buy me a beautiful gift...I would wait eagerly for my evening party..mainly accepting gifts from everyone...once that was done..waiting fo every1 to go ...so that I could see what was lying inside...actually while accepting the gift itself I would get a hint of what could be there inside...no no not because i was a gifted child and no also not because i had X-ray in my eyes..it was 'coz usually it would have Pencil Box, tiffin box..and sweet frnds wud buy biiiig games..(oh yes..and I would never forget to call those SWEET friends for my next bthday..)..

Ohhh btw everyone is invited for my birthday party and Plllzzzz Gifts not allowed..;P


nimmi said...

Belated bday wishes :)) Hope u had a blast !!

Red Soul said...

wow. cute post :D happy belated birthday dimple! and yes i will NOTTTT bring gifts ;)

Saurabh said...

your cake is yummy, it is almost coming out of my computer screen right now... yum yum :P

Sneha said...

Hi Dimple
Belated happy Birthday !!!
keep smiling.:)

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...



I would do taht guessing game too... gosh... I miss those b day party invitations... no uniforms n sweets to schools.... new clothes... guessable typial gifts...(yes me too...tiffin boxes and pencil boxes... but i loved them nonetheless :D)... gosh... my birthday coming up... and I am dying for someone to atleast accept the fact that it is my 'bday week'...get me a flower or a choc atleast... now friends are just downright cheap... they say 'get lost' :(

Anyway... hope you have a great and a beautiful long life... Keep Blogging, sweetheart!

Hugs... Kisses... and sorry...REALLY no gifts this time ;)

Dimple said...

@Nimmi,Red Soul,Saurabh,Sneha: Thanks

@Nabila: Hahhah same pinchhhh sweety...and thanks for the wishes..:))

Smini said...

too late to wish u a birthday...by the way not to late for a party....

hey u have been tagged

Manish Kumar said...

belated wishes Dimple ! Hope u are in best of spirits

Dimple said...

@smini and Manish: Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Chalo, phir dhoond laein hum......
usi massom bachpan ko...
jahaan sapna sajaya tha...
jahaan bachpan bithaya tha...
jahaan pehrroon ke saye mein...
ghar koi banaya tha.

Anonymous said...

Hum ne bhi kahin suna tha...liked it...isliye likha.

Anonymous said...

by the way,
Happy birthday for last year, and also happy birthday in advance for the coming........(2 in 1)

kya patha..........kal ho na ho.

Anonymous said...

how do you know many more are to come ?

Anonymous said...

How strange is man's carelessness,
he passed through life with pride and peace,
I thought of life...it became my home,
till when is my endurance?
people like to live long lives,
but death is creeping to them
one day he is young and another...he grows old,
doesn't man wonder at himself as it ages?
Are you deceived by a bright day, a dark night or a setting sun?
Don't think that it is a world of pride,
Don't you get that you're a stranger in it!!!

Anonymous said...

Many of you complain, and that you are poor,
While you own the earth, the sky and the stars,
The fields with their flowers, fragrances, the breeze and
The singing nightingale are all yours,
Water is all around you like sparkling silver,
Sun is above you like burning gold
The world received you so cheerfully
So why are you gloomy
And it smiled for you
So why don’t you smile?
If you are depressed for past glory,
How far will it return by sighs?
If you are afraid from befalling misfortunes,
How far will it be prevented by gloom?
Or if you have passed your youth,
Don’t say time became old,
As time does not age
Look still appearing from moist earth,
So beautiful pictures that they would almost speak.

Sun is above you like burning gold

Anonymous said...

yeh bhi kahin suna tha...liked it...isliye likha.

Dimple said...

@anonymous: Thanku so much..though its been more than 6 months..;)...i still accept ur wishes...
yes many more r still to cum..coz i know it..kyuki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost..:P

btw ur poem was gud..kahan suna hai..poora poem jab mile hamei bhi surce ka link bhej dena..:)

PS: Anonymous is a gud name ..but still u can also write ur original name..