Monday, October 01, 2007

DUH... !!!

" Mangalik hun toh kya hua ..mei insaan hun.."

My first reaction on hearing this melodramatic statement on news was.. "Duh!!!..why are these news channel people even bothering to show this type of news..but look at the poor girl !!! "

My brother gave me a wicked smile and said.."Yeah seems like somebody's future..."
Always ready for extracting some Juicy news from him I jumped.." ya !!..whose future ??"
He came close to me.. held my head with his hands, gave a sigh and then said "You My dear girl ..your future..."
"My future..ya right...why"
"You are mangalik dear girl..sob"
"Me???...I am a mangalik..who told u that.."
"well..I overheard..and let me tell you something ..this news is 100 % true"

Dhananananna Dhum tanananana ..Dhum tanananana....So on..
(For stupid ppl who are wondering what happened suddenly...guys this is my background music...I was shocked you see)

I felt as if I had been diagnosed with some Jaanleva disease...about which I had no clue...Sigh.I could feel the curiosity increasing in me.So I decided that from now on mission Mangalik or should I say Mission Mangu had to be started.
Within my research period,I got different versions and different definitions from of being a Mangalik.

Internet Version:

Damn couldn't understand a talks about some houses..that Mars is in 7th number ka house..Moon is in 12th number ka house..and poor Rahu is in somebody's neighbor's house.. phewww very confusing

Friends Version: (Exaggerating from every sense )

Curious Me: You know what.. I am a have any clue about it??

Friend: Mangalik !!!...damn hav got to marry a mangalik only..and if you marry a Non mangalik..your husband will DIE..

Hmmmm seriously??..Does that mean mangaliks are human killers?? Thinking about it...Mangalik people can start taking supari's..I mean if you want to kill some one (Non mangalik) marry her/him to a mangalik..and my fellow Mangu people will do the mission without getting anybody into trouble or any police case..Cheers to Mangu people...;)...Thanku Thanku this is my original idea and am not going to share the credit with any one..:))

Comedy friends version
Friend: You are a mangalik !! ..ohh ok ok..I know what you got to do..You have to first marry a tree and then a human..:P
Me: Duh..who told you that...
Friend: Ashwarya Rai..came to know everything from her marriage..

Tree !!!....damn it.. just imagine people attending 2-2 with a tree..and one with a humanbeing..and then commenting.." I think the first husband was far better and much cuter than this one...!!! "..:)
or another situation I have a fight with my husband and I say.." Mei jaa rahi hun tumko chodke ,apne pehle pati ke paas..wo mujhe kabhi kuch nahi bolta tha...!! " ....;)

Flirt friends version:

Me again : yaar you know I came to know I am a mangalik

Friend : So what??
Me: Damn I will have to marry a tree first..
Friend : No no you don't hav to do that..seriously speaking..I am bored with life..I will do this sacrifice for you..I will marry you...if I die 'coz am a non mangalik...thats ok for me.. 'coz I am seriously bored..and if I don't die...we have already proved that mangalik and non mangalik's can be happily ever after..wt say..??

Hmmm..I thought that was very intelligent..and so cute..:)

In the end I still don't have any clue..why such a big fuss is created about a mangalik person..and am still trying to find m


KaLS said...

Do u by any chance watch Ekta kapoor serials.Recently the same thing happened in one of her serials [i]"KKajal" [/i]...The heroine was found to be a Mangalik..;)..btw nice post..:)

Dimple said...

wt r u sayin..same story in kkajal.. i always knew ekta kapoor was copying my story's..:P

Sonit said...
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Sonit said...

o ho madam....ur last post was abt ur likes/dislikes...abt ur personality....n this one is abt u being manglik....shaadi waadi karne ka plan hai kya???

newaz i liked the response from ur flirt friend.....i'm bored of life and can do this for u...i can marry u!!!!

hahahahahaha.....great minds think alike....whn i was reading the post...i thot of the same thing and then saw the last para....

Dimple said...

@ sonit :shabash mere sher shabash...btw if u get any idea abt managaliks..plz let me know...(arre nahi shaadi vaadi ka koi chkkar nahi hai..aise hi likhela hai boss..)

Gaurang said...

LOL !!!! Philmyy !!!!
gOOD One ....

sunny said...

heyyy Dimple another good posting....and i liked ur flirt friend bit like me :)

seenu said...

dimple , it happens only in the serials and movies but not in the real life . suppose it happens once think abt love marriages,

dimple Aunt dont waste u r time for searching mangalik uncle

Dimple said...

@gaurang: Philmy !!!...oh dear this was supposed to be a Tragic real life story..:P

@sunny: yeah u bet..this flirt friend is very much like u only..always FLIRTING..:)

@seenu : SEeeeeeennuuu uncleee ..u hav opened my eyes..thanku thanku
wt yaar..who knows yaar whether this happens in real life or one thing marry a mangalik..and tell me the after effects..plzzzz

Sonit said...

mujhe manglik ki koi khas khabar nai hai yaar....havent seen any ekta kapoor soap for ages now....ha but if u r a manglik then i think i shud start to know mangliks ;-)

Ashu said...

After succha long time Dimpy here's 1 for u :)
well well well so we hava manglic over here
a big hand for Dimple
so u r one of the chosen ones :)
i donno what difference does it make being a Manglic
I think will hav to ask mom or may b some Jyotish :-P
they say u hav to marry a manglic if u r 1
but then i know u've seen lage Raho Munnabhai haven't u?
n apart from that we hav many examples who r living "happily ever after" i mean without dieing (unke gharelu zagde rahenge to pata nahi!:-P)
Ab aisa bolne ke baad u dont go on asking me the examples
cause mein to tumhe acha lagne ke liye badbad kar raha hu!
nahi to I'll really hav to search for Manglic-Non Manglic couples for u :D
But seriously I m glad that u r making a laugh out of it
cause people get tensed!
are sab purani batein hai!!!!
n even if ur husband dies, acha hi hai na! u'll get multiple choices ;) lolz
just kidding!!!
so my dear Dimpy start searching for a Manglic to marry :D

Anonymous said...

grt!i myself is a mangalik male and facing the same problems.its really a curse to a be mangalik.ppl get so depressed when they came to know that iam mangalik.anyways life doesnt revolves around being mangalik or not being managlik.i take it as a bonus from god along with human birth i know will some day come across "A BEAUTIFULL MANGALIK GIRL" waiting for me in some part of this world who doesnt have get married twice in her life.

Dimple said...

@sonit: howww sweeeeeet..u know wt..i think my flirt frnd has got a competition..;)

@ashu:Heheeh thnaku jee..nahi but seriously ..i can only laugh on this..coz i also dont the real facts abt beinga mangalik u c..:)

@mohit: Hahahha ya ya hope u will get ur Beutiful Mangalik girl..All The Best..:)

Ashu said...

are Dimple look what i found
just hav a look at it
It will change ur prospect about ur marriage :D
I think ab to tera swayamvar rachana padega re :D


Dimple said...

@ashu: Hahhaha..i still cant stop laughing..boss kahan se mila ye cheez..:)))..btw u saw the says similar to Ram and Sita..Arjun and Draupadi..else if the girl proposes to guy..;)..bach ke rehna ab mujhse sab log..:P

Ashu said...

he he i know i know
ab to tera tension hi door ho gaya
ab tu chahe jise propose karke shadi kar sakti hai na!;)

Cloud minus Nine said...

awesome....real funny, man...
could have made it better by putting a lil more search...there is actually a website which talks abt how to deal with all this rituals for getting married and all....

Dimple said...

@ ashu: Haan yaar..bas ab mei saare ladkon ke liye gaoongi " Bachna aye haseenooooo lo mei aa gayiiiiiiii"..;)

@cloud minus nine: u bet i searched the whole net for it..i didnt understand a bit..if u cum across anything..B MY GUEST..:))

Sonit said...

thanq thanq....ur flirt frnd definitely has a big competetion....ask him to be at his toes....

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...


oh you manglik female....!! hahahaha.....!!! can you think of someone you hate?? and want to kill him too?? Go girl...just find out if he is a non maglik and seduce him into marrying you ;)

And one more question...what happens if someone cuts the tree you got married to?? Some sortta apshagun?? Holy Cow..!! who the hell would care?? Chill many years and you didn't even know you were a in short...IT DOES NOT MATTER....Nzzoooyy!! MANGAL HO!! ;)

Dimple said...

@sonit: Yeah I think I will have to inform him abt his that he is ready for the competition..:P

@Nabila:U bet I am thinking abt THAT person ...bas ek baar haath aa jaye..then u can c..;)

Ohh gud question ..actually the concept of marrying a mangalik girl to the tree is taht only..mangalik girls are supposed to b a threat to a non mangalik first she has to first marry a tree..and then a non mangalik person...phewwww !!!
Dont worry I seriously dont care whether i am a mangalik or not..who givs it a damn..but yeah being kind of a attention seeker..i told it to every body i know..:P..and ya MANGAL HO..!!!..:))

Sonit said...

ha aur yeh bhi bolo tht the competitor is comin to mumbai on 8th nov....kya pata he mite just flick the priced possession that both of us r fightin for....

Kartik Menon said...

great post yaar...thoda late padha but finally did it!!!

Dimple said...

@sonit: hahahha...theek hai i wil tell him..lets hav a one to one fight..;)..wt say

@kartk: thanks yaar..

Sonit said...

haa thik hai ...i'm game for it...but wat abt him...c if hez not ready then i get the prize....n u knw wats at stake here...or rather whoz at stake...

nisha punjabi said...

that was a hilarious post!!
hope u have some plans to deal with the whole manglik thing...ppl do make a BIG issue out of it!!all the best
nice blog btw :)

Sudi said...


i like the way the writing goes .... super stuff :)

a said...

hey dear as far as i know is that a manglik girl should marry a manglik boy,,,,,so that they r compactable,,,,do u beleive in astrology...??? or fate and all this stuff,,,,

a said...

and dear u wont need to marry a tree,,,maybe u come suddenly come across a person who matches your expectations and who is aslo a manglik,,,dont ever know,,,what there in store for u,,,maybe,,,and i guess it will of luck...

Dimple said...

@sonit : ohhh dear..i better ask him to get ready..:P

@nisha punjabi: No mam not yet ready..if u have any ideas plzzz share

@sudi: thanks sudi

@a:I cant say I totally believe in these things..but heyy who wants to take a risk..after all poore life ki baat hai..
and yes about meeting a mangalik boy..i hope i get a cute mangalik...:))..(may be a bit like shahid..and a bit like sharukh..:P )

ginglebells said...

hey i am gud at astro..u can send me u r exact date of birth with time and location...

akshay said...

marry a manglik boy with whom u r stars are matching

matty said...

love at first sight with ur blog!!
U r awesome!!!

and ur flirt friend was really gud!!

nic said...

Nice post there, came across your blog while searching for info about guess what ??? [manglik people] on google, since I have been diagnosed as being one of them recently. Now I am seriously considering putting up a danger [skull] sign on my profile with a Warning: "Manglik profile ahead. The person mentioned in this profile can be extremely injurious to your health. Enter at your own risk :) "

I have never believed in this stuff but it seems that most of India does, at least while getting married. So I guess we have to just live with it.

Anonymous said...

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