Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Day Eeeespecial

Sitting near my french window and gazing out, I can see pairs walking together ..birds chirping ..pleasant breeze passing among the trees...romantic atmosphere everywhere. Yaawwwn !!! No wonder... only a few days left for Valentine's day..these things have to happen !!!Then a sudden thought love only felt by humans ?? I get my answer when I watch Laaloo playing with his kids. Ooops!!! sorry didn't introduce you to Laaloo.
A formal introduction won't do justice to him, so let me take you to flashback (as usual ;))

Flashback :

Bandana tied to his head..sweat all over his face..unperturbed by the cheering going on for him...his eyes fixed towards the ball that is coming towards him...All children going crazy for him " Come on Laaloo you can do it !!!! come on .." ...and...and ..and ... it's a catch..Laaloo had done it again....Laaloo our very smart ,good looking and most eligible bachelor dog in our colony. He was good at everything. He would play with the children. Cricket was his favorite. He seemed perfectly normal ..we had never seen any signs of madness in him...till one day..when he for the first time saw HER.
It was a usual day. Everything was perfect...Laaloo busy practicing his cricket with colony children when he had a glimpse of her and for the first time in his life he missed an easy catch...and the ball landed straight on Her head ...well HER in this case is a bitch (Hey don't get me wrong she really was a bitch..ok for the decent ones...I will call her Laalee..though its a very yuck name..)Returning back to the topic....That day Laaloo's team did win the match ..but as they say in bollywood "per wo dil ki match haar gaya "..(I luvv that dialogue wonder who invented this line)

For us she seemed like yet another bitch..but for Laaloo calling her ordinary would have been calling Taj Mahal a pretty nifty tomb!!! He had made up his mind..and one thing was clear for him now, that life would be a pretty poor affair if he did not get to see her again. So everyday he would wait for her to pass that road. No idea about her feelings..but wise men say..she was pretty famous in her dog community !!!..why the hell would she be interested in him..but Laaloo was adamant. He would try to gain attention from her by bringing left over food for her ,mutton from butcher shop...etc etc.. I think even she had begun to like him..but would never speak out. But hell broke loose when one day Laaloo decided to follow her home. For ignorant people, each dog has its own area..and dogs dont like stranger dogs encroaching into their area. That day Laaloo had broken a law...following Laalee he had entered a different area.Suddenly Laaloo was stopped by the gunda and dada dog's (oblivious to this Laalee had reached home ). Laaloo could have run away..but he didn't..he stood there like a rock.. ready to face anything for Laalee!!! The result was terrible , they ripped his skin off...he was in a terrible condition..and landed straight in ICU. That day all colony children,adults ..everybody was present there to give him emotional and financial support. When Laalee came to know this she came running towards the hospital. Wise men say they saw tears in her eyes and gossip mongrels say they even saw her breaking her bangles on the wall and screaming a "nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia' !!!! Doctors had given up hope they said "Patient ki haalat bahut naazook hai ..Laaloo ko ab dawa ki nahi dua ki zaroorat hai "...I think she prayed quite hard..because after 5 days he opened his eyes..and recognised everybody.. prayers had paid off..Laaloo was fine in a month and back to normal health. He and Laalee got married and now are proud parents to 6 puppies...:))

Laaloo and Laalee

Returning from flash back
This story taught me many things:
1] If you are consistent and adamant you can get anything
2] Troubles will always come in your path..dont get scared..face it
3] And the most important lesson ...Dogs don't have to do anything ...they don't have to study,they don't have to go to work..they can sleep all day..nobody says anything to them..I wish I was a ..( I am not saying anything now !!!....;))


Anonymous said...

hey diple why did u take ur pic off.

Dimple said...

Diple??...btw anonymous did u even read my blog...??

Arz000n said...

Laloo aur lalee ki hai jodi ajeeeb
lalloooo ameeeer...lallleee gareeeb :D


A nice story to come out just before just made me more proud...I was planning to write about germs and bacteria's infesting in ma fridge for past 6 months...but then I gave up :))

Happy B-lated V-day to you zeee

Sonit said...

Gawdo....wat stories you write...i thot it wud b smthin like th last time...dsnt mean tht i dnt njoy it,it was gud bt itna mazza nai aaya....thoda suspense rakhna tha na abt laloo n lalee...u cud hv tld this in th end that they r dogs...i mean a dog n a .....u knw wat :-)

Dimple said...

@arz00n thanku zeeee..sab aap se hi seekha hai..;)
and @sonit : my mistake will try to give u stories filled with suspense...abhi ke liye kaam chala lo..:)

Sonit said...

sure...thnx....will b waitn....waise i must say,u'v hooked me to ur blogs....

vandana7 said...

hey dimps... good work... hmmm... too much into bollywood huh..

Wanderer said...

quite a light-hearted and happy love story to read, after a real long time! and i like the 3 notes at the end. hope u get to be the b***h u so want to be :P

Kartik Menon said...

dimlejee bhai behen ne bahut mast blogging shuru kar diya hai.....very nice stories....chal hum teeno milke ek script likhte hain

Dimple said...

@kartik : ok done ..but i also want to act in that case we decide to make a movie..aapko toh pata hi hai i luvvv acting ..;)