Saturday, August 26, 2006

Unbounded Stupidity

World is full of Multi-talented people...and yes all these people are a regular vistor in my bank..these are the people who can talk and bug u at the same time (without much effort ..see !! so much talent). Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet such a person.

Person : Madam my wife wants to change her name after marriage..wt sud i do??
Me : sure sir plz bring these documents....(even before i could complete...)
Person : ya ya i have all the relevant documents...jaldi gimme the forms vorms
Me : I will give ya the form but can i see the documents...hope u have brought registered marriage certificate
Me : Ok.. is it...Is it a gazzatte copy
Person : ye ke cheej hai....nahi i hab brought this

There was silence and suspence in the room...he took out an envelope.....and then came out a card...

Person : Ye lo ...mera invitation card..
Me : Wha invitation card??
Person : haan toh!!!!!!!!!!!!...wt more proof u require
Me : Sir how do u think this will suffice as a proof toh kahin se bhii milega
Person : Hmmm ok .....then ye toh chalega na
Me : ( I really didnt want to see that..but i dint have any chioce...with a smile ..i said) ya and what is it??
Person : ab ye toh chalna chahiye
Me : hmm wt is it??

Again there was silence
Person : YE lo
Me: ok now what is this....your mariage photos!!!!!!!
Person :haan to...meri wife ke maang mei sinddoor koi aur kyun bharega??
Me : HEHEHHHEH ..sir what are you can i send this as a document for name change
Person : Ya ..but u want a proof na that she is my wife..theres one more proof

Now i knew that one more proof and i would burst out

Person : oye sikandar....cum here
A small boy came
Person : Tell aunty who is your mom
Sikandar : papa...first tell me... mere liye kkrish toy kyun nahi laya
Person : oye chup kar....seedhe bata ..padhta likhta nahi hai..kkrish kkrish karta hai
Me : Thats ok...plzz...cant send sikandar as a document ..can I??
Person : I will tell you sumthing ..XYZ Bank is bekaar bank many documents for a simple name change!!!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My First Post

This is a small attempt on my side to tell you my everyday experiences...which will be work related or may be a stupid incident..(which usually happens with me..;) ) comment if you like it..