Monday, July 05, 2010

Ajab Ghar Ki Gajab Kahani !!!!

It was Monday morning...yawwn !!..I was feeling feverish..had stomach pain...had a headache and I think vomiting sensation too....hmmm is that enough or something else is required?? everyone else in this world ..just had my monday blues...yeahh would have to go to office...yawnnnn...!!!

As usual Monday seemed perfect for picnic, hiking, biking but not for office..Like me everyone in office seemed to be in the same state of mind...

" Heyy Srinu kya yaar neend aa raha hai..."
" Me too planning to go on a sales wanna come...?? "

Sales Call...yeahhh thats right..what better than a sales call...with a fake " Biiiiig Client " . I had never done that before..but I knew Srinu topped in these I was in..:)

We took permission from our boss...told a false story about The Big Daddy of all the customers..and how he seemed sooooo interested in our policies...Hopped on to the bike and ran away..

Me : " Oye where are we going ?? "
Srinu : " Arre baba for a customer call..."
Me : " Yeah but is he like really interested in our product?"
Srinu : " Big deal yaar...TP karenge..aur apne apne ghar jaayenge..tomorrow we will tell boss that the other bank reached there first...or something like he was technically so strong that he found out loop holes in our product..chiiiiiiill ..."

Hmmmm fair no tension of getting caught..phewww..!!!..I tell you now a days everybody is becoming cleverer day by day.

After 20 min of bike ride we reached a bunglow...I could sense that there was some type of a construction going on in their house.

" Hi Srinu"
" Good Morning Mr Rudra "
" Come come ..I am sorry we are kind of redecorating our house..very sorry for the mess"
Me and srinu in chorus..
" Hahahah no no sir..with the mess it looks just like our branch...heheh...homely atmosphere for us.."

Mr Rudra seemed to be a very sweet person..I could notice his stomach paunch..;P..he smiled gently and led us inside his house. He introduced us to Mrs Rudra who was a beautiful woman ..with a paunch in the making ...:P. Once I entered the house this blog will turn more of my observations/ reviews about the inmates...and less about the product we tried to pitch..:)


1.) Mr Rudra and Mrs Rudra (It's not about them..excuse me but I never pull down my it is ..they offered me Gulab Jamun..which I liked a lot.:P )

2.) Senior Mr Rudra and Senior Mrs Rudra..let me call Rudra as R

3.) Grand Mr R and and Grand Mrs R
(P S : Guest appearance Little Boy R )

No need to search for a 4th point.. for the Grandest Mr R..coz my friends we are talking about humans here not tortoises..Hmmph

Here I go : ( You owe me a lot my dear R for making me write this blog...:) )

Sitting on the sofa when we came in was an old woman..I thought she was Mr Rudra's mother..but then he clarified she was his granny...
Ooops !!!...she had definitely maintained herself...

Granny :
She seemed lost in some other world..she did not get up when we came in..she remained seated and kept thinking about if she was getting encrypted messages from the outer world..and she was trying to decode it for the others benefit.Suddenly she looked at me..and said..

" Ohh so you came..haan...good I was waiting for used to stay in our neighbourhood right...I think your granny and I were childhood know when I was young I used to play a lot with her...and blah blah...then I broke my ankle..but then I..blah blah blah.."...

Like you all know about my patience and sweetness..I kept on listening to her .. tried to understand the context of our conversation...I tried to understand each and every word without fail..there were words that I could not understand..I had to do lip reading for them..but my friends I did not give up.. ( Phewww !!! sweet of me...Thanku thanku..:) )...In short I tried to kill maximum that I would not have to go back to the branch... ;)

But my concentration was a loud thumping noise. Somebody was racing down the stairs...I could not a catch a glimpse of was so if it had a motor fitted to it ..

Was that a bird ?....was that a plane..?...ohhh or is it supermaaaaaann !!!
"Ehm ! Ehm ! Its my father "...interrupted Mr Rudra..

Senior Mr Rudra seemed to be in a hurry...he had a paint can in his hand..and was rushing with lightening speed towards an unknown destination...followed by a cute little boy again with smaller version of that can ..wearing what would have been a very nice and cute top..but was now full of paint. He seemed to be running his head off...up the stairs and then down the stairs..with that can...( What he was trying to do is still unknown..)...thanks to Mrs Rudra who came in time, took the can from their hands..did the necessary work in less than a min..that he stopped thumping on the stairs and set out for some other mission..
" Up up and awaaaaaaayyyyyyy..."....woww..he really must have been a Superman fan ..

With him leaving the scene...Suddenly I heard a soft music coming from somewhere..

Background music...

Ohhhhh Noooori..Noooori...
aajaaa reeeee....

A sudden wind blew...and then she came in slow motion with a candle in her hand...I figured she was senior Mrs Rudra...

She sat next to me...looked at me...did some pushups with the candle (like a dumbbell )...smiled at me..and said..I do this exercise everyday..You know the doc has actually asked me for a complete bedrest...(stressing on make it clear for me ) I looked at her from top to bottom ..she looked healthier than me...I mean in comparison to her I looked like a Jaundice patient..:P

" Ohh bed rest..tch tch...what happened you not well..???"...showing my specialized fake sympathy...
She seemed to be a bigger actress than me..she acted like Rajesh Khanna from Anand and said
" Naaa reeee....Ab mei kya kahun...even the docs cant figure out..they say...give bed some rest..and do some I figured out that I needed bed rest and little exercise..God only knows what is happening inside our bodies.."

I smiled ackwardly understanding exactly what the docs would have meant.Her talks were never ending...she told me about how even if she is not well she does more work than her daughter in law..( Mrs Rudra )..which I think was absurd..with her Noorie charachter and slow motion drifting I wondered how much work she actually did ??..To be honest the whole day I could see Mrs R doing maximum and smart work as compared to others...also on how the servant had become a badtameez...and would not listen to her...hmmm which seemed possible ..with her Noooorie attitude...:). This time too kept on listening to her rants as I was the chosen one for all her complaints...hmmm but never mind...thats my got to lose something in order to gain a chutti from office..

Last but not the least came Grand Mr Rudra...If you guys have seen Mork and Mindy show...he was a replica of Exidor..for those who have no clue what I am talking about take a peep..

He was cranky about something...upset that something had gone wrong and but sadly he was the only one who could sense that something...

In the midst of this something something...and after meeting so many characters ..I think I lost myself...and started hearing and sensing something something myself...Thankgod for Srinu..who suddenly brought me back into real life..
" Dimple he is taking our policy...yeahhhh!!!! ...fass gaya fass gaya..boss khush ho jaayega.."

What.. did he say policy mei koi fass gaya ?? many characters under one roof...Tp ka TP and one policy freeeeeeeee....yet another mission accomplished...:))


Anonymous said...

Good Job Mam... nice but little short. I know I know it toook a lot of your time to pen down this... but good one :)

Shiveta said...

Good Job Madam..good one but little short. I know I know it took a lot of your time to pen down this. Good one. Looking forward for some more :)

Kalpu said...

Hah funny one...could imagine each character..!!..;)....

~R said...

ha ha ha..
this was so hilarious
made my day..
{true story}


Dimple said...

@Shiveta : Short !!!! are the first one to say that...:)

@Kalpu: Thanks.

@~R : Hahhaha..thanks...and wts that supposed to mean {true story }...:P

Chickz said...

Hey Dimpz,back with a bang..good read :) and am sure Mr R's family wld love it a lot...Waiting for the next one ...

Ranjith said...

very nicely written. kept me smiling all along :)

Kalpana Fotedar said...

It was so hillarious,i couldnt stop laughing.